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Imagine you have a world full of famous cartoon animals so you can assemble them into a powerful “Toon Team” army. This is what you can do in Looney TunesWorld of Mayhem APK.

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A turn-based combat RPG with an army of hilarious animated monsters

It is not a cartoon game, it is a cartoon style game

If you like classic animated movies, you can’t forget the witty names of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Marvin the Martian… and many more famous cartoon series. And have you ever wished you could have these adorable animal characters and do all kinds of things with them, like bring them to fight?

In the world of the animated game Looney TunesWorld of Mayhem, you can do just that.


Looney TunesWorld of Mayhem is a multiplayer online PvP game. Your task is to form an army of animals that will be responsible for protecting your inventory and stealing chests from your opponents. Upon winning each stage, you will receive rewards as well as corresponding upgrades.

This is where we can meet our beloved characters again, and gather a lot of fun characters like Tweety Bird, Taz, Road Runner, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam, Marvin the Martian… to form” Toon “Team Strong.” Take them to battle through the animated world of Mayhem.


Each character, when joining your anime army, brings a unique power. Like their original natures from the movie, these unique friends will have unparalleled skills and attacks, but they all share a sense of humor.

The intense battlefields of this RPG will not stress you at all, on the contrary, it is literally endless fun. Each team member not only plays turn-based battles, but also makes jokes with opponents and has unparalleled streaks. Every battle is fun with lots of beautiful gameplay scenes presented by the hooligans toon squad.

Also take out your opponents from the above cartoons. Compared to the symbolism, they are not at all worse than the good members of the team. The game has excellently reproduced the confrontations Wile E Coyote, Roadrunner, Sylvester vs Tweety … The appearance of enemies can harm the strength of the Toon team, but in return, they bring entertaining moments to the players.

Fun, non-violent combat action

The alleged combat of this game is non-violent. Since you’re using the same jokes from the original cartoon, you’ll have the opportunity to see your character deliver a completely harmless ACME blow to Daffy’s head or defeat Elmer Fudd with a giant anvil. Hence, this action game is very combative but obviously very suitable for kids.

Every time you defeat the enemy team, you will get a reward. The money is used to unlock new toon animal characters. Multiple victories will unlock new areas in the world of Mayhem, unlock new iconic landscapes, and collect classic buildings from popular anime locations.

The game offers many animated missions. Sometimes you will find them very silly. They can have a fruit basket, to protect an animal crossing the road in the forest… but they are all cute as in the cartoon. Although it’s a bit silly compared to many other fighting RPGs you’ve played before, that’s why it’s called a game that comes out of the realm of anime.

Funny, but very strategic

Besides the jokes from the characters, the turn-based combat in Looney TunesWorld of Mayhem is also full of strategy. You need to purposefully collect the character. Then form them into the best Toon team of every period. The ideal team is not necessarily a group of the strongest individuals, but the team with the most collective strength and personal support reaches the highest level.

When entering the fight, you need to arrange the formation in the correct order to get the most advantage against the opponent. Calculate who goes first/last, use any move, fight in amount of time, and upgrade for any member. All of these functions require a great strategic mind in the player.

Key Features

  • Fun turn-based, cartoon-style combat role-playing
  • There are many popular animal cartoon characters, from the main characters to the villain
  • Collect a huge army of cartoon animals and upgrade each of them after head-to-head battles
  • Characters will fight each other using jokes and skills just like in the original animation

Download Looney TunesWorld of Mayhem APK For Android

The game is very fun with many bright and vibrant colors. The characters are shaped just like the original cartoons. How long has it been since you played such an awesome, non-violent, turn-based combat RPG?

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