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Young people, love are the things that make every heart flutter. You may have seen a lot of movies about this most beautiful period, but have you ever played the game about it? If not, then let’s download this little point-and-click adventure called When the Past was about MOD APK and enjoy every sweet moment in it.

Provide information about the time of the past

A point-and-click puzzle game about guys, love and candy shards!

The story of the youth deposits a lot of feelings

When the past is near, the film revolves around Ida, a beautiful young girl in her twenties who always feels stuck between work and a busy daily life. She seemed to lead a monotonous life. But one day, Ida met a young man named Owl, a kind of stranger with an unparalleled appearance. For Eda, The Owl is not eccentric but on the contrary very attractive in its own way. With him, Ida always finds herself happy and herself, she can forget about life’s hardships. This is the one who shows Ida what love, hope and little joy is, but he is also the one who causes Ida so much pain.

The little story in When the Past Was All About You is a beautiful journey about love, youth, happiness, pain, letting go, and moving forward. Is this the path anyone should take to grow and be happier in the future?

In the game, you cannot change the plot, you cannot select the character in all situations. But this emotional game does not bring the feeling of pressure or frustration because of it. After the match, you rethink the way the girl went, think about yourself and the fragmented memories of youth, then you will realize that one day you were very naive. It turns out that everything that is unacceptable sometimes becomes understandable and sympathetic in the end.


Besides the emotional factors mentioned above, it is an interactive object and point-and-click puzzle game. You play the game by touching the screen to find an item that corresponds to the situation that occurs in the game. This type of game is not new and the gameplay is very simple. I think the number of puzzles is not much, but they are quite creative, with enough shapes and types to force you to find items and still find them reasonable.

The main objective of most challenges is to unlock an item by flipping to find it, and combining one with the other to find what the character is trying to do. Note that there aren’t any suggestions or descriptions for the items offered, so most of the time, you’ll discover them on your own. It’s a little annoying at first, but once you get used to it, it’s okay, that’s an aspect that makes this game more challenging.

In general, when the past was around is a game that requires patience and control of the player. Because if you don’t complete the task, you will restart the entire level (including having to restart scenes for a few minutes). If you do not want to replay it, again and again, in this way, you should watch it from the beginning, paying attention to all the little details and actions of the character. This process must be done slowly. Let your soul enter it. If you do, you’ll solve the puzzle and “feel” the character’s personality.

Excellent graphics, top notch music

When the past was near, there are no complicated words, fonts or sophisticated techniques, only soft hand-drawn strokes appear on a transparent background. Everything passes slowly with the sad music softly.

If you’re immersed in the soft brushstrokes of a sad manga with a hint of classic Europe, when the past was close by will be like your old friend. All graphics in the game are hand-drawn, with sophisticated and elegant graphics, as well as a romantic pastel color palette. Later, everything became more beautiful. The design in the game makes you emotional with the seemingly ordinary images: sunrise, house with two people, cup of coffee…

The first image gives you a sense of sadness, and a little bit of quiet loneliness for fragile souls. And once you get that flutter of feelings, the game successfully enters your heart.

But it is not enough to talk about “when the past was near”, we have to talk about the melody that the developer carefully selected to put it. Each sound has a purpose associated with the emotions at a particular time. Sadness, joy, tears, laughter, love, separation, suffering, brokenness, self-healing… Each milestone in Ida’s life is a wonderful blend of visuals and soundtrack.

APK MOD version of When The Past Was Near

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Download When The Past Was Close Apk & MOD for Android

The story of the youth in When The Past Was Near will remain even when you’re done with it. Memories and emotions will remain in your mind and heart forever. Playing games is sometimes to immerse yourself in feelings, right?


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