Colin Kaepernick “Still Hope” by chance with the Seahawks

After spending time with Tyler Lockett earlier this season, Colin Kaepernick has worked with another Seahawks wide receiver and hopes that Seattle will look.

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t been on the NFL roster since the end of the 2016 season, making his last appearance with the San Francisco 49ers. However, we’ve seen the quarterback hold open drills and consistently make no mistake about the fact that he still thinks he can be a starter in the league.

And now, Kaepernick seems to think there’s a perfect opportunity for him to fill.

Although the Seattle Seahawks acquired young Drew Locke in the trade that sent franchise legend Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos, the prevailing belief is that the organization is still looking for another competitor for a starting job under the center.

So, after Kaepernick rubbed shoulders with Seattle wide Tyler Lockett earlier this season, he and another Seahawks receiver, Aaron Fuller, acted on Wednesday. In the wake of that workout, Bob Kondota Seattle Times Kaepernick asked if he had received a call from Seattle.

While the quarterback said no, he sounded optimistic and, in his own words, was hopeful that the call, practice and meeting would continue.

Separating the Seahawks with Colin Kaepernick would make sense

The fit is clearly there. Lockett said earlier this season that he would like to play with Kaepernick. and before that , Pete Carroll met the midfielder prior to the 2017 season and he has been praised ever since, even saying he wished he had signed at the time.

Kaepernick started in 58 total games for 49 players during his NFL career with a career record of 28-30. At the same time, though, the dynamic lane also helped lead San Francisco to the appearance of the Super Bowl and the following year’s NFC Championship game in 2013.

Of course, Colin Kaepernick has drawn more attention for his decision to kneel during the national anthem and his activism during and after days of playing in pursuit of racial equality and an end to police brutality, specifically against minorities.

Given the history between the Seahawks and Kaepernick, it will be interesting to see what comes from this current connection given the team’s needs and the quarterback’s apparent desire to play there.

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