Marvel rumor suggests issues with upcoming Disney + Show

moon knight It might be the next big Marvel series to hit Disney+, but there’s also a lot of hype around it Strong woman. The series starring Tatiana Maslany is set to debut on the streaming service later this year, but while fans are excited about Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a new rumor suggests there may be an issue with the series. according to UncleJeff Schneider (via direct), there is some grumbling behind the scenes about the series.

Schneider made comments on Hot mic with Jeff and John He said he’s heard “more than once” that “the She-Hulk series isn’t shaping up to be very good.” Schneider said he asked if the rumors were about a specific Disney+ series and it was Strong woman which were discussed.

“I haven’t heard good things about behind the scenes… I asked if that was the case moon knight or Mrs. Marvell or secret invasion or any of those [projects]they are always like, ‘Strong woman Which could be a problem,” Schneider said.

And he added, “I’ve heard it from people who work on it, from people who actually work on it who are just like, ‘We’ll see.'” I think that’s a lot of Marvel stuff, frankly, and you know exactly where it is, ‘Ah, that might be really dumb,’ As we’ll see.” I’m sure people make Guardians of the Galaxy It felt that way, right? and most of the time [Marvel] Pull it out. But there will come a time when they won’t, these are just the laws of filmmaking, the laws of numbers.”

While Schneider’s comments are just rumours, what do we know about him? Strong woman So far is that the series will be a little departure from the rest of the Marvel series on Disney+ in that it will lead to more comedy than other series, such as the upcoming series. moon knight. Director Kat Koeru said the MCU is also not a weird comedian wrap Earlier this year, I felt the series fit right in with the Marvel brand of comedy.

“I’ve never chosen a project based on genre. I actually don’t think much about genre, I’m thinking about character,” Cuero said. “And I think about the emotional lives of the characters, and you know, can I bring something? Can I bring a mixture of humor and heart into this? Because that’s what I love to watch. And that’s what I love working with.”

She continued, “And when I got into, you know, Marvel Stadium — the cool thing about Marvel is that it’s an ever-evolving world and you’ve got live dramas, you’ve got very comedies, and we’re in that a world that we’re definitely playing with a world that’s more comic, but it’s also still part of the land of Marvel”.

Strong woman It’s set to hit Disney+ sometime in 2022. In addition to Maslany, the series stars Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Jamila Jameel as Titania, Tim Roth as The Abomination, and Ginger Gonzaga, and Josh Segarra, Anais Almonte, and Renee Elise Goldsbury. The series will consist of ten episodes and will be shown by Jessica Gao and among the directors Koiro and Ano Valya.

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