Cruella 2 make-up experts confirm that the script for the sequel is currently being written

a Cruella The sequel was officially announced last summer and now, Disney’s Oscar-nominated makeup artists are confirming that the script for the sequel is in the works. On the red carpet at the 94th Academy Awards, Nadia Stacy and Julia Vernon told Variety that they will be back for Cruella 2 And while work on the film itself has yet to begin, the script is currently being written — and they hope the sequel will take the story into a definite decade.

They’re working on the script at the moment,” Stacey said. “My only hope is, I don’t know anything, but my hope is that we move into the ’80s…Get your reels, lots of perks. We’ll have such a new era to explore.”

Directed by Craig Gillespie, Cruella It stars Emma Stone as the titular Cruella de Vil. The film, which was released in both cinemas and Disney+ shows on the Premiere Access Premium platform last year, has been a huge success for Disney. As such, it didn’t take long for Disney to announce a sequel that would see Stone return to star as well as Gillespie’s return as director. With the script still being written, not many details are known about the sequel, although Gillespie has previously quipped that he’d like to see Emma Thompson return to the role of Baroness.

“There’s kind of a conversation about what it’s going to be. Where does this world take us now, and then I think they’re going to dive into it. We’re in that exploratory phase now, but they have a lot of ideas that are exciting,” Gillespie joked. “Maybe another full movie,” he added when we came up. CruellaPost-credit scene, which sparked the preparation process for 101 dalmatians.

What I loved at the end Cruella He… I kept calling it the moment of graduation. And he, Dustin Hoffman, is sitting in the back of the bus, hence he’s not sure if that’s what he actually wants. There is some kind of embarrassing frequency. It’s the same as when I entered Hellmans Hall. She had been struggling and fighting for this throughout the entire movie, and then suddenly realized the sacrifice. Looks like she lost Estella. She is less than that part of herself. you know? Now she has this public personality that she has to live up to. This struggle that I felt was really interesting, and think about the time you get to… in my mind, by the time you get 101 dalmatiansYou’ve pretty much gone to the dark side. Now, there is a gray area. How you get to this dark side will be interesting.”

“I can’t answer that question,” he replied when we asked him if Thompson would return. “It would be a shame if you weren’t in it, wouldn’t it?” he added.

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