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Make accurate measurements. A staple in any home, office or classroom, tape measure is essential for all professions and hobbies. When choosing masking tape, consider the length of tape you need as well as size and weight, especially if you plan to travel frequently with your gadget. You should also take into account design details such as a sturdy blade lock, durable case and reliable belt clip. Whether you are a professional or a professional woodworker, there are plenty of options on the market, from digital to magnetic. Browse our roundup of the best options below.

1. Stanley Powerlock II

In 1963, the Stanley PowerLock bar scale was the first of its kind. The design hasn’t changed much since then: why meddle with something good? A tried-and-true design, this tool features features including a lockable blade, belt hook for easy access, a gooseneck end for accurate reading, and a heat-treated spring that increases tape life. This particular product has a mylar-coated blade for added durability and wear resistance, as well as a point built into the hook that acts as a pivot for drawing circles and arcs. The tape blade measures 25 feet and features a free-standing seven-foot capacity for hands-free operation.

Stanley Powerlock II

US $13.88

2. Singer ProSeries Retractable Tape Measure

From the renowned maker of sewing tools and equipment comes the eight-foot retractable tape measure. The tape itself is made of vinyl to provide flexibility when scaling for fit and shows measurements in inches and centimeters. It retracts very smoothly, and although it is slim, it has clear, easy-to-read dark ink numerals. Small enough to slip into a pocket, it can also be attached to a keyring or lanyard, making it the perfect accessory for sewing clothes on the go.

Singer Pro Series Retractable Measuring Tape

8.30 dollars

3. A literal tape measure

Easy to spot among your tools, this bright red ribbon comes in three sizes: 16′, 25′, and 26′. The hard plastic case with a sturdy rubberized mold makes it comfortable to hold, and the steel bar retracts smoothly without getting bent. We especially like this option because the tape is white with black markings for clear visibility; It also has red printed fractions to help you score and record measurements instantly.

literal tape measure


4. Komelon Powerblade Tape Measure

Best for all your heavy-duty projects, this 26-foot retractable tape gets the job done. The end hook has a large magnetic tip that grips firmly to metal surfaces, and the blade is held in place with an easy push of the thumb for added precision. Another special feature includes high definition blade printing for fast reading, as well as vertical blade markings on the underside of the tape. The steel strip is nylon coated for extended life, and everything is housed in a sturdy ABS case.

Komelon Powerblade Tape Measure


5. eTape16 digital tape measure

This is a high-tech option for those in the market for a traditional product with a contemporary twist. Made of polycarbonate plastic, this band is weatherproof, durable and features a large digital display. As you retract the 16-foot-high blade, a digital gauge appears on the display for a thought-provoking reading. Functions include a center line calculator, short-term measurement, two long-memory reservations, standard and metric conversion capabilities, and an automatic stop action. The coin battery lasts up to 64 hours of continuous use.

eTape16 digital tape measure


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