My religion now has endless breakfast

Breakfast lovers, this one is for you. Denny’s has announced that it will be rolling out a new endless breakfast in an effort to lure well-nourished fans of the series to start the day. The new endless breakfast will launch in most states for just $6.99, the chain said Monday, and will include unlimited pancakes, scrambled eggs and hash browns. Wherever breakfast is available for $6.99, you can add two slices of bacon or sausage for an additional 99 cents.

Countries where infinity breakfast is not available at the above rates will see unlimited breakfast of $8.99 and an additional $1.49 for bacon or sausage. Unfortunately for carnivores, the bacon/sausage combination isn’t as limitless as other breakfasts.

“As Americans are affected by a unique combination of current events, gas, rent, and the costs of supermarket staples, such as eggs, milk and cheese, Denise is proud to provide endless breakfast to our guests at a time when we all know each other,” said John Dillon, Denise’s Chief Branding Officer. “A dollar matters.” “Good value food has always been at the heart of what we do and with our investment in high quality menu items, dining at Denny’s has never been better.”

Dillon continued, “We successfully tested Endless Breakfast extensively before the pandemic hit. With inflation on everyone’s minds and continuing to affect Americans everywhere, we knew this was the perfect time to launch this deal. Now, Denny’s is the only place that You need it can fill up and leave knowing you got the most out of your money.”

As a statement from the company, they hope to help Denny’s visitors beat high prices across the country. The promotion now runs until June 21 at participating locations.


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