Sonic releases limited edition Slush “Mood” episodes

Have you ever found yourself craving a delicious treat, but presented with all the options and found it hard to decide exactly what you’re going to get? When it comes to Sonic and the wide variety of Sonic Slush flavors to choose from, deciding which one to enjoy can be tricky but now, Sonic Drive-In has come up with a way to help. Today, the new restaurant brand launched the Sonic Slush Ring, a mood ring accessory that not only brings feelings of nostalgia to the early 2000s, but helps guests identify the perfect Slush flavor for their current mood.

Designed to look just like Slush in one of Sonic’s signature white mugs, the Slush Ring comes with a guide that matches the indicated ring color with the perfect Slush flavor to suit your mood. If your Slush Ring turns purple, that means you might feel euphoric, Grape Slush is your perfect choice. The ring turns pink? It could indicate feeling loved and what you need is a strawberry slushie. To make things even sweeter, when customers order Slush in the Sonic app or online, they’ll get it at half price during Happy Hour at any time.

“Slush is an iconic product from Sonic. There’s a flavor for everyone and every mood, and we’ve brought the same delicious variety to life in the form of an equally iconic fashion accessory – a mood ring,” Laurie Abu Habib, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Sonic Corporation, said in a statement. “Everything in Y2K is in the right direction. Now, Sonic Slush Ring allows us to take advantage of that style in a playful way that is uniquely Sonic!”

(Photo: Sonic)

If you want to get a Sonic Slush Ring, here’s what you need to know. The ring is available for a limited time starting today, March 30th, at The ring costs $9.99. Fans can also purchase a “My Slush Mood” duffle bag and T-shirt that complement the Sonic Slush Ring in a similar design style. Even better, for every Slush Ring merchandise purchase, 100 percent of proceeds will be donated to provide much-needed educational supplies and resources to public schools across the communities Sonic serves. Fans can also have some virtual fun. On Snapchat, users will be able to experience the nine unique moods of the Slush Ring. Using Snapchat’s augmented reality platform, the Sonic Slush Ring filter allows users to virtually experience the ring, then assigns them to one of the nine moods and associated flavor of Slush.

The Sonic Slush episode is now available on

Will you get the Sonic Slash Ring? What is your favorite slush flavor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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