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Also called natural wax derived from honeybees Sierra AlbaIt is a versatile material that can be used in a variety of creative projects. Because it’s natural, it’s an excellent choice for making candles — and a better alternative to paraffin wax, which releases harmful chemicals as it burns. Beeswax also generally burns longer than a typical soy wax candle. Simply melt beeswax, add your own tinctures or oils, and mold a candle into a mold for a personalized piece of home decor. Below, find the best beeswax for your candle making projects!

ARTnews recommend
Sky Organics Organic White Beeswax Granules
This beeswax from a small family owned business is an excellent, reliable DIY staple. The leukocytes are cosmetic grade and are consistently clean, after being treated in small batches and filtered three times, resulting in a cleaner burn. Wax has a scent, but it’s mild and won’t overpower any added odors. The pellets also dissolve quickly and integrate easily with added colours. They come in a resealable 16-pound bag and are nicely designed.

Sky Organics Organic White Beeswax Granules

USD 16.95

We love too
American Pharmaceutical Enkaustikos Beeswax
Enkaustikos beeswax is designed to create your own medium, but it’s also a great choice for making candles. Beeswax has been purified without any harsh chemicals, purifying the wax without weakening it. Because it’s made for use with paints, you can count on these small, thin granules to blend beautifully with any colors you add. Beeswax is available in smaller sizes—eight ounces, as well as the more popular 16 ounce—and in white and yellow, which imparts a deeper color to candles.

Another good option
Artminds beeswax
If you love the cheery yellow color of beeswax, this is a great 12-ounce pellet option for creating bright, natural candles. The granule sizes are consistent so they melt uniformly, and the results mix well with other ingredients, such as perfume oils and dyes, if you want to change the color of your wax. Unlike many of our other picks, this beeswax doesn’t come with any information about its purification process; We recommend small sample test.

Teacher’s choice
Handmade beeswax
This kit provides a fun and kid-friendly way to make beeswax candles. Comes with 10 sheets of 8″ x 16″ beeswax, each in bright colors, and about six yards of cotton wick. Simply cut the leaves and wrap them around the wick to create pillar candles! You can also cut them at an angle to make pointed shapes, use cookie cutters to make fun shapes, and collect the scraps to make smaller candles. Natural Beeswax 100 has a pleasant smell and results in a clean burn.

Handmade beeswax


also considered
yellow jacquard beeswax block
This refined jacquard yellow beeswax is made for DIY crafts. Rich and refined, it has a slightly smoky honey scent that can be disguised with essential oils if you wish. Beeswax comes in one solid brick, which you can grate or shred (with some effort), but the easiest way to use it is to melt it all at once in a double boiler. Wax mixes seamlessly with dyes and stores well. In our book, this is a great choice if you want to do multiples of one product at a time; Otherwise, you can melt bricks, sculpt your own mini wax discs or cubes with re-hardening wax, and save them for another creative session.

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