Halo Co-Creator praises TV series

Halo co-creator Marcus Leto Some kind words for the new TV series being aired Paramount +. The Halo series has already received a positive reception from critics, and while some fans have mixed feelings, they’ve also been relatively open about the show in the popular game franchise. The Hello The show takes place on a different schedule than the games, giving her the opportunity to use her creative freedom to tell new stories and do different things with these well-established characters. The Steve Spielberg-produced show actually took some liberties in the first episode, like removing the Master Chief’s helmet, something that’s been greatly reduced in games.

While some fans have a lot to say about how they feel about the game, Halo was co-created and the designer of Master Chief Marcus Leto He loves the new series. Lehto took to Twitter and noticed that he watched the first episode twice and enjoyed it more the second time, saying he’s eager to say more. Letho also noted how darker and more brutal the series is. Although the majority of the Halo franchise is rated M for adults, it’s not as bloody or intense as some of the other M-rated titles. However, the show features extreme levels of violence as the characters are dismembered.

Although Lehto worked on the series with Bungie, the developer has moved on to other projects like Destiny. 343 Industries became the lead developer of Halo games and worked with the show’s producers to revive it. 343 recently defended the option to remove the Master Chief’s helmet in Hello Displays, noting its importance to the story and character development in this version. As of now, the show appears to have a promising future. Paramount green light Hello Season 2 prior to the first season premiere and series premiere scored for Paramount+ debut.

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