Jerry Jones allegedly paid millions to a woman claiming to be his daughter

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has allegedly paid nearly $3 million in some form of “child support” to the woman who claims to be his daughter since 1995.

The hot water around Jerry Jones did not subside after Jones’ friend told ESPN that he had facilitated Jones’s “child support” payments to Alexandra Davis beginning in 1995.

“On numerous occasions, I have made payments on behalf of Mr. Jones to Cindy and Alex Davis,” Don Jack said in a statement.

According to Jack, Jones made a lump sum of $370,000 and then monthly payments until Davis turned 21 which “ultimately totaled over $2 million.” The agreement between Jones’s mother and Davis’s mother also includes additional payments when Alexandra turns 26 and 28. She is currently 25 years old.

There are more details about the payments Jones allegedly made, including four years of education at SMU and trips abroad.

Putting it all together it supports Davis’ claim that Jones is her biological father. She has filed a paternity suit aiming to invalidate an agreement to remain silent about her parents, which she says she could not consent to when she was one year old at the time.

Jerry Jones claims that a paternity suit is a grab for money, it’s definitely a distraction

Jones’ side has vigorously claimed that this is a critical grab. Jones’ spokesman, Jim Wilkinson, said Davis’ attorney told them, “If you want this stuff to go away, it’s going to cost you Zeke or Duck money.”

Davis’ attorney, Andrew Bergman, denies making these statements at all.

Why does any of this matter? Aside from the financial implications for Jones, he is the whirlwind around the cowboy owner. It’s hard to put together a successful soccer team without having to deal with multi-million dollar distractions.

Jones is not only the owner, he is the general manager. He has real football responsibilities to deal with. Instead, the headlines around the team are about a paternity lawsuit. It’s not just a good look at Jones or the organization he represents.

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