Tony La Russa calls out Cardinals for spreading rumors about Mike Scheldt

Tony La Russa had some thoughts about Mike Schilt being fired by the St. Louis Cardinals.

Although he is the director of the Chicago White Sox, Tony La Russa maintains close ties to the St. Louis Cardinals Organization, as well as its former leader, Mike Scheldt.

While tons of . are not collected Bob Nightingale sports feature on USA TODAY On why the recently fired captain is out of business, La Russa hasn’t held back on how he feels about the whole thing. Schilt was a longtime coach for the Cardinals organization before leading the ball club in the Big League for the first time in 2018. Oliver Marmol takes charge of the Redbirds at the age of 35.

Here’s La Russa’s quote in full on the matter.

“I froze my ass,” La Rossa said. My comment was that if it’s toxic, it should be in the front office. …I am for the cardinals. Everyone makes their own decision. But when you start talking about it, it could hurt his chance of running again for those who don’t know any better. He did an amazing job.”

Philosophical differences? Yes. But toxic?

“He is a special man. That is why it is so important that his reputation remains intact and not be tarnished.”

Tony La Russa went bat for Mike Scheldt after he was fired by the St. Louis Cardinals

Toxicity is a label that no one wants to associate with its name from the point of view of past, present and future employment. While no one knows for sure what was going on inside the Cardinals’ organization other than those already in the building, there is something undeniable with St. Louis parting ways with Shildt after regularly leading the team to a postseason.

There is a chance that the front office will think it has reached the ceiling of its management with the organization. That’s fair, but keep in mind that the Cardinals play in the same Dutch league as the likes of the Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are two of the best teams in baseball. Even though the Cardinals hadn’t won the NL Central a year ago, they were still in the top five on the Seniors circuit anyway.

As for La Russa, he may still have a lot of attachments to the Cardinals organization, but he has a rival team at AL Central to manage. The White Sox is a favorite that is easy to repeat in division. Frankly, anything short of an ALCS berth would be seen as a failure for the South Sides. Their competitive window is now and Larsa can’t get caught up in the past.

Whether it’s the return of the Pujols or the ending of Shildt, La Russa has been all over St. Louis lately.


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