Arceus is said to get a long-awaited feature soon

Pokemon Legends: Arceus It is said that he is getting a long-awaited feature soon. the newest Pokemon The game has been out on the Nintendo Switch for two months. according to the game 82 Metacritic results And according to the number of copies sold, Game Freak has got a lot going with the game. However, this does not mean that there is not much room for improvement and additions, because there is. For example, some game fans keep waiting for a file Pokemon Home Update. However, according to a new report, those fans won’t have to wait any longer.

Moving on to Twitter, one of the iconic characters of Pokemon and Nintendo, Samos Hunter, recently joked that an update is coming this month with an announcement on the horizon. Not only that, but it looks like the same update is coming too Shiny diamonds and shiny pearls Very soon as well.

“I was told back in February, and I mentioned it a while ago in a comment, that Pokemon Home update for Shiny diamonds and shiny pearls and meFor example Arceus Samus Hunter said, “The compatibility was scheduled for April. So I think his announcement could come soon.”

Now, none of this has been confirmed. Samus Hunter has proven to be reliable and reputable in the past, but they’ve also been off the mark in the past, so it’s important to keep that in mind. However, the excitement is enough to get some Pokemon fans are excited,

“I hope so! We’ve been waiting a long time to call home Shiny diamonds and shiny pearls“seads is one of the best responses. “The game pretty much dies if you haven’t already because people like me can’t restart it for fear of losing the Pokemon we traveled with!”

At the time of publication, Nintendo has not addressed this rumor in any way. If this changes, we’ll make sure to update the story accordingly.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Available via Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED. For more coverage on the latest Pokemon Game and all things Pokemon in general click here.


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