Marvel’s Avengers fans split over new freebie

marvel avengers He has the new freebie, and like most things Crystal Dynamics does with the game, they split players with this freebie. Go to Twitter and use the official marvel avengers In the game’s account, Crystal Dynamics has revealed that it’s giving every player – regardless of platform – a free Iron Man suit or, more specifically, a “Marvel Studios’ Iron Man” Iron Man costume. In other words, players get a free MCU skin. What’s the problem with this? Well, some players already own the look because they previously bought it. Instead of giving these players an additional free skin of equal value or in-game currency equal to the value of the outfit, Crystal Dynamics did nothing for these players. Thus, as you would expect, these players are not happy.

“I feel you should have made any MCU suit available for free and not just one. That’s a bit unfair to those who paid for the suit,” Read one common reply. “When things like this happen, I don’t want to buy skins on day one. I just say, ‘” Read another unhappy reply.

Due to some backlash, there’s a chance Crystal Dynamics will change tack and give those who already own this outfit their own freebie, but for now, there’s no word on that happening.

It is unclear how long players have to redeem this offer. In other words, we don’t know if this is a permanent offer or a limited time offer. These types of offers are usually limited-time deals, but if that’s the case, Crystal Dynamics doesn’t say much. If it was a limited-time offer, you’d assume Crystal Dynamics would have provided the window of opportunity, so there’s probably no information indicating that this is a permanent offer from now on. Whatever the case may be, if any information is provided about it, we will update the story with the said information.

marvel avengers Available across Google Stadia, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. For more coverage in 2020 Avengers game, click here.


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