Conor McGregor Comments on Missing WrestleMania 38, Becky Lynch Responds

Conor McGregor took to Twitter Sunday night and tried to call out the entire WWE roster, saying it was their “fear” that kept him off the WrestleMania 38 card. The former UFC champ wrote, “Why wasn’t I at Wrestlemania this year? They all fear me, and that’s why.” Becky Lynch, who has interacted with McGregor several times on social media to the delight of her fans, wrote, “Hey man. I could have used you. Bianca brought an army. Next year?”

McGregor has teased the idea of ​​jumping into WWE for years, but up to this point nothing but a few social media interactions have materialized. A number of wrestlers have talked about the idea of ​​his crossing in various interviews.

John Cena told Dan Patrick last year. “I don’t watch a lot of mixed martial arts or anything. For me, it’s a real fighting sport, but then a guy like (Conor) McGregor comes along with a great figure and he’s going to talk to people into the building. You either root for him or you root against him and you. His fight buys, like (Floyd) Mayweather or (Muhammad) Ali, they talk about developing and believing in that great character. The way to get people to buy you as a WWE character is to let go of believing in it. And make it a reality and believe in what you’re doing.

He later added, “It’s going to be cool. It’s what we do.” “It’s less predictable. And our surprise is to get people to randomly show up and weave ‘choose your own adventure’ into a different alley. His surprise is to have some tooth removed or to have surgery. Not to mention it doesn’t happen with us, mistakes happen, but in his profession it’s not a mistake.” I hope (he appears) because I want to see him. Deep down, I’m a fan. He’s interesting and has the oomph about him. I want to see him perform.”

“Not everyone will welcome it or feel the same, but it’s very entertaining,” Big E said. ViBe and wrestling. “And I think if he came to WWE, I think he would get a lot of attention. I think it would be worth the investment which I am sure is for a lot of people, so I wouldn’t have a problem with that.”

“For me, I guess the only things that bother me are, and it’s not in my position to really judge it, but these are the legal things you know what I mean?” E. continued. “I feel proud when I look around our locker room, and I’m not saying things are perfect, but I do want to be in the locker room with good, law-abiding people, you know what I mean? Who doesn’t get in trouble and that’s the only thing.”


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