Saints play a big role in QB’s future in trade with vultures

The New Orleans Saints are now in great position to find the new quarterback for the 2022 NFL Draft after trading picks with the Eagles.

The 2022 NFL Draft is still a few weeks away, but the Saints and Eagles got the party started early with a massive deal that included multiple first-round picks.

In essence, Philadelphia is exchanging two of their three Saints’ first-round picks for a future venture capital.

New Orleans is now loading up on the picks for 2022 and the quarterback could be at the center of it all.

Details of the saints’ trade with eagles

get saints

Sixteenth Choice for 2022

The 19th Choice for 2022

Choice No. 194 of 2022

the Eagles

Picks 18, 101 and 237 for 2022

2023 first round pick

2024 second round selection

What does saints trade mean?

This is a lot of choices swapped with relatively little movement in the middle of the first round.

It’s all about resilience for Saints, who just brought back James Winston on a two-year deal.

They’ve gone from just picking No. 18 in the first round to No. 16 and 19. They can turn those picks into a better first round, and they’ll probably go up to No. 5.

If New Orleans views any of the best quarterbacks in this class as their “man,” they could certainly make something to get by with their new capital.

Alternatively, they can wait for someone to fall on them in the middle of the first segment while they have another option at their disposal to use for a wide receiver or offensive tackle.

Immediately some on Twitter speculated that the move to 16th was specifically about taking the Chargers at 17. LA is also in the market for a left-hand tackle in the first round.

If the 16th pick is an offensive lineman, the Saints still have to get the 18th quarterback as the Chargers don’t need that position.

Worse yet, New Orleans is unable to capture the quarterback it wants either by trading or staying. They can still use their three top 50 picks to fill in the blanks in their roster with younger, cheaper players.

The key is to craft the right things, which are always easier said than done, no matter the situation.

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