Why did Halo have to introduce a new human character before Master Chef

When the first episode of Hello start in Paramount +Fans are not immediately introduced to Master Chief. Instead, the show starts from the perspective of the survivor community, where they get their first glimpse into the cruelty and power of the Covenant. It’s a strong opening, setting up early conflict for the show’s audience. In an interview with ComicBook.com’s Joe Schmidt, producer Kiki Wolfkill explained the narrative reasons behind the decision, and how Hello The series helps bring out the character’s perspectives in a way that Xbox games can’t.

“I think there were really two things. I think the first was on an emotional level and on a story level, we wanted to be able to articulate the stakes of the show, which is humanity. So starting out in a place that feels natural and humanly relatable, like a set of early human moments, .Again, it’s not something we explore in games very often,” Wolfkill said. “And seeing the world through Kwan’s eyes as a normal teenage girl, I think that really helps us as viewers when the Covenant appears, when you understand the horror of this strange force. At the same time, we wanted to be able to give a little bit of clarity to some of those dynamics between the inner and outer colonies and the role of the Council INTERNATIONAL SECURITY.And again in the games, you don’t get a completely accurate perspective on who the SC members are so being able to articulate “this is humanity in the twenty-sixth century” and how Sparta is viewed in the UNSC is not One dimension. They are very different things from different parts of the universe.”

The Hello The series takes place in what video game developer 343 Industries calls the “silver timeline.” Essentially, the show still retains elements from Xbox games, but it’s also in its own realm. The idea is that this will allow certain elements to be introduced early, while expanding on Halo concepts in different ways. The introduction to the show is a great example of this, and this element in particular seems to be a hit with viewers.

Only two episodes of Hello It’s been released on Paramount+ so far, with the third set to be released this week. As the show continues, it will be interesting to see how the series continues to bring in gaming elements, while also making its own distinct path.

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