Former UNC basketball players tweeted how proud they are of this team

During the 2022 National Championship, UNC left everything on the field in a narrow 69-72 loss to the Kansas Jayhawks, and the former Tar Heels couldn’t be prouder.

Although UNC lost what would have been its seventh National Championship title by a slim margin, everyone with ties to Chapel Hill agrees: The 2021-22 team played in an impressive tournament, and they should be proud of their performance.

The former Tar Heels shared their thoughts on social media, with several former UNC basketball players offering words of comfort and wisdom in what was a heartbreaking loss for North Carolina.

Tar Heels, who led by 16 by one point in the first inning, went into the first inning with a 40-25 lead on the scoreboard. Kansas practically turned the second half in his favour, scoring 47 to 29 as the UNC’s attack and defense faltered due to injury.

However, viewers saw a team exhausted to the point of vomiting, and the North Carolina alumni did not lose sight of this team having something special despite the loss.

Former UNC Tar Heels shares sympathy and pride on social media

The Sacramento Kings forward Harrison Barnes was previously a new player for the UNC Tar Heel and had an outstanding rookie season in 2010. Barnes was the ACC Player of the Year and scored 84 points in the 2010 NCAA Tournament, the most of any A new player at UNC up to that point. Barnes went on to win the NBA championship with the Golden State Warriors in 2015, which is why when Barnes said this team makes the Carolinas proud, it matters.

Playing alongside Barnes, former sniper Justin Watts won the 2009 NCAA Championship a year before his arrival. Watts has played professional basketball all over the world, most recently in the Netherlands. Watts congratulated UNU for the way they left everything on the ground, giving graduates the experience of witnessing excellence in action.

Orlando Magic point guard Cole Anthony only spent one year at UNC, but playing basketball there formed before entering the 2020 NBA Draft. Today, Anthony is happy to be Tar Heel forever, congratulating this year’s Warriors on a good fight.

Sterling Manley, the former top heels player who just finished his first professional basketball contract with Blue whales in Sichuan In China, he emphasized that UNC has nothing to say about it – they’re still crowned with a great season overall.

Power forward for the Phoenix Suns, Cameron Johnson plays for one of the best teams in the country the way his brother, Puff Johnson, used to play at UNC Tar Heels. Cameron, who played for the Tar Heels himself from 2017 to 2019, said in an Instagram story:proud of the understatementWhen it came to his feelings on his younger brother’s team.

Former Tar Heels footballers also expressed their pride, with former Tar Heels streak player turned country singer Chase Rice expressing his pride.

North Carolina legend Julius Peppers, a former Tar Heels defensive midfielder and striker who remains the only player to play in the Final Four and Super Bowl, said what UNC has accomplished this year has been “amazing”.

While tournament losses are always tough – just ask the UNC Twitter account – the admiration and support from the previous Heels greats at least reminds the Tar Heels that this was a winning slate despite the score.

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