Joey Votto’s TikTok is officially the best thing on the internet

Tweet embed #duet with @maceahwindu ♬ Original sound – Joshua Johnson

With bass levels that rival only Crash Test Dummy, Votto’s best walked the plate every time this season for the greatest song Buffalo has ever produced. It may have been all “MMM MMM MMM MMM” after getting his teeth drilled by a complete stranger, but no one thrives on trolling pop culture references quite like the long-lived Cincinnati star.

While JuJu Smith-Schuster deprived us all of the most anticipated TikTok collaboration ever with one Jackson Mahomes, let’s talk The Queen City Joes come into existence. Joey B. and Joey V. do big things in front of the camera to make Harambe proud. The only way that would work would be for Votto to dress like Joe Burrow when the Bengals clinched the North Asian title and Cincinnati got the ball.

In the end, Foto became ninth in his big football career. When other people are about to hang nails, they get a little depressed. Baseball has always been the foto’s calling. Although he may never get an owl telling him he’s been accepted into Hogwarts, he can continue to build his TikTok wallet as a distraction to what a painful baseball book will do.

The only person who portrayed Ron Weasley better than he did is simply the imposing Rupert Grint.

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