Attack on Titan Final Season Part Two Review: Dark Masterpiece

second half of The attack on the Giants It has come to an end and the act of reviewing the brutal, heart-pounding events of the season is an achievement in itself. Given how much is happening in this latest series of episodes, there are several things to keep in mind when deconstructing the current events that took place in the Scout Regiment and the massive changes that have occurred in Eren Jaeger’s life. Needless to say, Hajime Isayama’s animation adaptation by Studio MAPPA is a dark masterpiece that manages to seamlessly introduce new elements into the franchise.

The impetus for this season is the transformation of Eren Jaeger’s character, or rather the lack of Eren’s friends to deal with the idea that Attack on Titan may have always been the man he is today. In this walk down memory lane, we tackle some meaty episodes that give viewers plenty to think about but do so in a way that is less confusing than you might think if you read about these events on paper. Time travel will always be a tricky component to bring into a series that didn’t have this previously, but Attack on Titan is able to do so in a way that fits the series’ general themes while also giving viewers a unique way to learn more about the Jaeger family in the genre.

Taking into account the elements of time travel and Ymir’s story, this is by far the most grueling season in a series that is known for its brutality and is truly a hit. For me personally, the most emotional scene in the series was Grisha Jaeger meeting his son Zeke and, in desperation, his eldest son begging for forgiveness for the sins he had inflicted upon him. It is a heartbreaking scene that helps explore the humanity of these characters and the journeys they have taken.

Not to say this season isn’t without flaws, as the sheer amount of different plot points and storylines can be a little overwhelming when it comes to rushing from one character to the next. There’s a lot to take in, and while the MAPPA adaptation does a deft job of balancing a number of spinning boards, there’s still plenty of spinning boards to balance. The confusion from this last set of episodes only adds to the horror of the situation for our characters, but it’s easy to see how it might drive viewers into a vicious circle when it comes to all these moving pieces.

Speaking of Studio MAPPA, it’s clear that the animation house was able to learn from its weaknesses in the first part of this latest season, with the computer-generated animations of the giants themselves looking much smoother this time around, especially when it comes to Eren’s takes on Marley’s full forces. There will always be a debate about comparing MAPPA and Wit styles when it comes to the series, and sure, there are strengths and weaknesses in both, but MAPPA feels tailored to handle the darker elements of this new one. the classroom.

Eren’s decision to use the power of founders Titan and Rumbling is devastating, effectively inverting the script from the series’ hero to becoming the franchise’s biggest threat, but the series took its time explaining why this is going forward and how this plays into the character we’ve come to know over the years. One of the biggest strengths of The attack on the Giants How clever his characters are, and watching the inherent turmoil of the Scout Regiment as they wrestle over how to proceed and whether or not to kill Eren has always created a surprising quandary. Last season really excelled at pushing the idea that the lines between good and evil may never be as blurred as we think.

This final season may not be perfect, but it’s definitely one of the best and most thought-provoking series in anime today.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Attack on Titan is now streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu


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