Browns and Packers trade target goes to the toilet thanks to sudden extension

Texas takes Branden Cox off the trading block, signs him for rollover

It is important to note that Pro Football Network’s Aaron Wilson reported That the Texans did not plan to transfer the chefs, but were demanding a second round to select the draft.

The Packers were among several teams fired at Texans about the availability of chefs, Inside Jordan Schultz. As noted before, Green Bay pulled the shocking trade from Adams to Las Vegas in exchange for 2022 in the first and second round of picks. With no chefs in play, the Packers will likely turn to the NFL Draft, where they can find a new passing lane for Aaron Rodgers in a deep class.

Meanwhile, Brown was reported to have been interested in chefs, According to Mary Kay Capote of, where he is likely to meet former Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson. However, the odds of a trade happening were considered low. The Browns brought a wide receiver in the Amari Cooper via trade with the Dallas Cowboys, but she could use some depth. Whether it’s bringing in a veteran free agent or using one of Day Two’s draft picks to pick a novice.

For those teams who had hoped Texans would consider flipping the chefs, they received the news that it wouldn’t. Chefs in Houston to stay.

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