“We get too hot to use dating apps, and men are dreaded by us,” says one woman.


Being attractive is not always a plus – attractiveness, according to these models, makes dating difficult.

Shells claim to be “too hot” to find a partner, with some accusing them of hunting cats and others believing they are “scaring” others.

Is it better then to blend in with the crowd? Read the ladies’ stories below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

The app is not good

Bumble removed the profile of Playboy model Tahlia Paris because she is “too pretty,” according to her.

The 24-year-old, who hails from Los Angeles, California, has been single for four years and hopes joining the app will help her find love.

“I was only on the app for a few hours when the photos I tried to post to my profile were removed, even though they were normal photos,” she explained.

Tahlia Paris launched dating apps and expressed her dissatisfaction with the situation.

(Photo: Jаm Press / @tаhliаpаris)

“It happened three or four times to different photos, and Bumble only allowed one of my photos to be kept still, which hurt a lot when applying it.”

“I posted some very basic pictures. One was a selfie of me, and the other was a picture taken by a friend of mine.

“I tried to keep it PG-13 and free of any model-like elements.” I didn’t want them to look at my profile because I’m a professional model. I asked them to look at him because I’m like any other girl looking for her love.”

“We released shirtless bathroom mirror selfies in 2016 in response to a feedbаck from our Bumble community — and after our research re-established that profiles with these types of images were the most swiped left,” said Bumble spokesperson Said.

“As part of this overall policy, we do not allow pictures of people wearing swimwear or underwear indoors.”

“If you’re out by the pool or on the deck, swimsuit photos can be okay because you’re up close to being a cool person.”

must be

Men are “afraid” of Elizabeth Marie Chivarley’s duty, according to her.

(Photo: Jаm Press / @mаrieechev)

Elizabeth Marie Chevalier believes that her place scares away potential clients.

The 27-year-old model Maxim from San Diego, California, has been celibate for six months, and guys are finding it hard to connect with her.

“The party is hard — guys are loyal to me because I’m very active,” she said.

“I’ve been told I dread men because I’m (5ft 10), beautiful, and have a very intense personality,” she said.

“Men who approach me are usually very conceited and self-obsessed, and they clearly set their eyes on every active woman in the room.” We have honored the awards in their eyes.

“I know I wear bikinis online, but it’s important, and most guys don’t look that much.”

Too hot to comment

Cris asserts that men cannot string a sentence together after seeing her breasts or buttocks.

(Photo: CO Press Office)

Cris Gаlêrа claims her duty doesn’t always act on men, despite having over 199,000 instant followers who regularly give streaming feedback about her whereabouts.

In fact, she has gone so far as to work with her quite often because men often mistake her for being ‘too hot’ to reach.

The 33-year-old from Brazil complained: “Men turn around at me because they think I’m too hot, if they don’t stay at home.”

“However, it is very difficult without a single conversation.”

Kris even glances at his cuteness to hide his cuteness, explaining, “I look smarter so they don’t look good, boobs, or butts.”

“I’d have more odds with fake touches.”

cloned alone

People still draw pictures of Luna Bean and make it out of their pictures, according to her.

(Photo: Jаm Press/@lunа.bennа)

Lunа Bennа, who is only a model, has her sexy photos stolen and used in artwork on a regular basis.

Because of this, the 21-year-old who now resides in Florida believes that her accounts have been deleted.

“People were supervising my photos and making use of them,” she explained. Basically, fishing.

“It’s so frustrating that people create fake profiles after I direct my pictures – it’s intended for the person who created the picture and it’s for the person who got caught.”

“There are so many fake profiles out there that when I make a legitimate account, Tinder reports me and influences me!”

“They have so many options to work with because I’ve had so many different looks over the years and have been online forever.”

“Someone even created a fake Fаbook account for me, which has thousands of followers!”

“I just have to remind myself that I have no control over it, and that I can’t do anything about it.”

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