Used Car Dealer Tycoon 1.9.921 APK Download For Android

Used Car Dealer Tycoon APK is a career simulation game with a rather strange theme. You will get rich step by step and build your empire by trading old cars.

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Business simulation game for the used car trade!

Career simulation games are getting more diverse with more unique topics

Job/career simulation games on mobile devices always have one very good thing in common: they simulate real-life corresponding jobs in a highly accurate and detailed manner. Therefore, these games are a guide for those who are passionate about this profession with basic and advanced knowledge, so that they can be somewhat aware of the challenges they may face in the future.

When I didn’t pay much attention to this type of game at first, I thought “maybe all games are the same in popular jobs”. It is true that career simulation games, when they first appeared on mobile, only talked about professions in general: banking, real estate trading, restaurants, cafes, cooking… For someone who loves innovation, these games are not very attractive.

But lately, mobile games have worked hard to take advantage of many new elements. Pretty much any job/profession you want can be found in a relevant simulation game to play or learn.

Today I would like to introduce you an interesting business: Old car trading from Used Car Dealer Tycoon.

Start with a Used Car Dealer: go from scratch

You have a chance to own a “used” Car Dealer in Used Car Dealer Tycoon. The goods of this dealer are of course a number of used cars, you can buy them cheaply, then customize them and sell them at a higher price. Your core business is summarized in 3 steps:

  • buy a used car
  • Restoration and renovation
  • Sell ​​the repaired used car to customers

Although there are only 3 stages of this type, it is not easy to make a reasonable profit and help the representative develop steadily in doing long-term honest and ethical business. There are many side things you have to deal with while working.

Buying used cars at the best prices is an art

First, you will gather all available information about any person or organization that wants to sell a used car. Then you go to check on those cars. The art of this step is probably all about bargaining for the best price.

You will proactively offer a reasonable purchase price based on the vehicle’s current condition, original cost, usage time, mileage, and existing damage. Then use your negotiation skills to persuade the owner. If the negotiation process is fast-paced, you are likely to bid too high. It’s like a real-life situation, isn’t it?

Later, when things get more stable and well-proportioned, the dealership starts to get busier and you’re unlikely to be able to control the car yourself. You should consider hiring an assistant to meet with the client under your direction to make sure there are no losses.

The better the deal and the more closely you control the car, the more likely you are to make a good profit.

Car restoration is also a laborious task

Used cars are sometimes in very bad condition. Before selling a car, you will need to consider whether it can be restored. Anyway, a car with not-so-bad looks will be more noticeable than a bad car. Moderate restoration at reasonable costs will help protect your reputation while slightly increasing earnings per vehicle.

You can assign this job to an employee or a third party, but you need to consider the cost of this step. Investing too much money in it will no longer turn out to be profitable, but too little will not be enough to catch customers’ eyes. “Medium” is best.

Selling used cars to customers is more than an art

You will need a dedicated sales team; you train them properly and methodically. It is important to be honest with every customer so that everyone knows the truth about the car they want to buy. So they don’t get too much expectation and disappointment, but they understand everything about the used car they buy.

If there are any complaints, it will affect your Auto Dealer’s reputation and affect the long-term development of your business. Remember, just like in real life, “Bad news has wings”.

In addition to negotiating prices with customers, you need to spend a lot of time answering all customers’ questions and training your sales staff to have a deep understanding of the tools. A quick sale and reasonable profit will determine your dealer’s capital turnover and growth rate.

The more you play, the more you get on the career path, you will unlock many more different vintage car models. You can get very good deals. You can buy a used car like new cheap because the owner of the car needs to sell it urgently or he did not realize how much it is worth. Take advantage of great deals like these to make faster profits and expand your used car dealership. “Open new branches and dealerships in other cities and gradually become the country’s used car giant” is your goal here.

Download Used Car Dealer Tycoon APK for Android

The game offers minimalist graphics, energetic cheerful colors and extremely fast speed. I think it is suitable for all players. Ever wanted to try owning a Used Car Dealer? Try it now, maybe you will be interested in this job in the future.

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