Kourtney Williams has been arrested for drowning her two sons in a bathtub while her husband was away.

Yuba County, California – A mother has been arrested after her two children were allegedly murdered. Courtney Williams allegedly drowned her two children – a baby and a toddler – in the bathtub while her husband was at work, according to reports. The accident occurred Thursday, April 7, at the family’s ranch-style home in the Sacramento suburb of Linda. Williams’ husband, whom she “allegedly told of injuring the children,” called police to the scene.

When the children’s father learned about the horrific murders, he went home to lunch, according to reports. He allegedly tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate his two sons, five-month-old Holden and two-and-a-half-year-old Ronin. The authorities also rescued the boys who arrived at the scene, but were pronounced dead.

Mom and boyfriend are accused of killing their 7-year-old son and hiding his body in a toolbox.

Esther Callejas, a mother from Arizona, shot her two children because she wished they would go to heaven.

“The tragic loss of 5-month-old Holden and his 2-and-a-half-year-old brother Ronin reverberates throughout our department and in the community,” said Yuba Mayor Wendell Anderson happily on the premises. There are not enough words to express our grief over the audacity at this time.”

The family’s neighbors have expressed their disbelief at this tragedy. It wasn’t just expression at all, no obstructions, nothing,” said Karlene Smith, who witnessed the arrest of the accused. “He’s just a little guy,” said Heather Ronson, pointing to Ronin, happy. He has brown hair and a bit of bright red, and he’s outside riding his scooter and his little shoes. “Welcome Welcome Welcome!” manages the beholder. You know, over the fence. “This is a picture of what I’m ordering.”

“My son would probably ride his bike there every morning, yelling for him like he does every day,” said Said Krista Tara, whose son used to woo Ronin. Others suggested that if a woman had problems being a mother, she should seek help. “How do?” Adrian, woman, except. What is the purpose behind this? This is something I cannot do for my children. My whole world revolves around them. “I wish she had gone out and asked for help,” Ronson says. I would offer help if you asked. I will do my best to help her.”

“@YubаSheriff Williams tells us, ‘He is expected to be booked for murder but other problems are possible;’ That will be in consultation with the district attorney,” Orco Manna, a reporter at @kcrаnews, tweeted about the hard drive, writing: “And my savior out to the Parents and all the family.” Sad unspeakable.” “Lord, what madness chasing after a young mother to kill her children?” The second chirped. “Damon!” Daddy’s pie should be unbreakable. Happy third person, “Junior rip.”

“Post-War Depression,” one Twitter user speculated when asked why Kourtney had killed her children, while another said, “This is what a girl would not be guilty of due to insanity.”

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