Westland Survival MOD APK 3.1.0 for Android (Free Craft)

Are you looking for an interesting action and adventure game on your mobile devices? Enjoy the epic survival game but starting to get bored of the same old zombie apocalypse setups? Then you will definitely find yourself enjoying this great mobile game. Survival in Westlandhere you will be able to explore and experience the magnificent Wild West.

Enjoy the game in the wild and opportunistic lands of Westland, have fun exploring the vast landscapes and dive into your own interesting survival challenges. Enjoy beautiful but extremely harsh lands full of dangers and hostile enemies. Do whatever it takes to survive in the harsh and challenging worlds of Westland Survival.

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During America’s gold rush, hundreds of thousands of men flew to the great plains and deserts of Texas or New Mexico, as well as the gold exploration lands of the Klondike and Yukon, in search of opportunity and a chance to completely change their lives.

In the game, Android players will find themselves playing as the only survivors after your wagon convoy is attacked by bandits. No one but you could endure the wrath and bloodlust of your enemies. And now you’re all alone in the middle of nowhere with little things to defend yourself. Giving up and preparing to face your death seems like the only option that’s imminent.

However, as a skilled survivor, you refuse to accept your so-called destiny and decide to stand up to the enemies. Start by learning the way to survive in the wilderness here, Android gamers will find themselves accessing in-depth and interesting gameplay.

Explore the lands and dive into various interesting quests. Build your own castle to protect yourself from ruthless bandits. Expand your territory as you strive for more resources. Unlock interesting structures that can help you further develop your base and strengthen your defenses. Take advantage of the awesome crafting talent to create all kinds of interesting items and vehicles.

Increase your chances of survival by making yourself more skilled with powerful weapons, well-protected castles and stocking your warehouse well. Get ready for the bandits’ attacks as you defeat and destroy them. Make friends, trade and interact with Native Americans for exclusive rewards and more. Never give up because you are one of the survivors in the Wild West.

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Here you will find all the exciting features the game has to offer:

Enjoy the immersive and fun survival game

For starters, Android gamers will find they have access to fun and interesting survival gameplay that is very similar to your standard Grim Soul experiences, with in-depth RPG elements and exciting top-down action. However, you will find that it is relatively easy to immerse yourself in the story and have fun with the game. Survive challenges, defeat your opponents and optimize your chances of survival in the strange and unwanted lands of the Wild West.

Build your own shelter and farm to survive in the Wild West

As you dive into your ultimate survival challenges, players in Westland Survival will find themselves accessing interesting survival simulations. Start by building your shelter to protect yourself from hungry predators and evil criminals trying to approach you. Build your shelter using the provided plans and feel free to design it however you want.

And then, when you have collected enough resources, you can dive into the exciting simulation game by having your Wild West farm built. With this, you will be able to plant your crops, unlock special resources when you access your farm.

Westland Survival screenshot 2

Fight against gangsters and bandits

Despite the undesirable conditions and nasty predators, you are still not alone in the harsh and desolate lands of Westland Survival. However, find yourself battling against evil outlaws and gangsters all across the Wild West region. Take on enemies and saboteurs from all fronts as they will try to exploit your camps, seize your loot and potentially end your journey. So always be equipped when using your guns and guns to defend your camp and go out for a good hunt.

Explore your surroundings and search for valuable resources

vast landscapes Survival in Westland it also has a variety of valuable resources that you can easily collect and use as you embark on your own survival struggles. Having said that, you can easily gather wood, mine and hunt deer by diving into the great game of Westland Survival. Have fun enjoying different gameplay while collecting important resources to ensure your survival.

Westland Survival screenshot 3

Enjoy the game with awesome crafting system

You will also find it quite simple and interesting as with the current crafting system you can craft all sorts of useful equipment and items for your team. Feel free to craft your equipment to help you gather resources, protect you from enemies and fight with all kinds of weapons. It’s even possible to set traps and upgrade your buildings as your crafting skills improve.

Make friends with wild animals and get yourself some friends

And while staying in the Wild West and always finding yourself surrounded by hostile forces, you will not feel alone in Westland Survival because the awesome gameplay will allow players to interact with certain animals in the wild. However, it is possible for you to tame wild animals and make them your pet and companion. Also, you can upgrade your horses and get yourself some really good mounts.

Realistic in-game elements to make your journey more engaging

To make the game as realistic as possible, players in Westland Survival will find themselves accessing fun and interesting survival gameplay. Here, you’ll find that your characters get hungry over time, and if you don’t want to starve, you’ll have to fill their stomachs with food again. As for weapons and equipment, they will break, deteriorate and need to be repaired with prolonged use. Also, buildings will take some time to be fully constructed, so it won’t look like you’ve magically created them out of nothing.

Hundreds of interesting Quests to complete

And along with the addictive survival gameplay, players in Westland Survival will find themselves accessing great in-game experiences with hundreds of interesting Missions. Dive into these various challenges as you complete the stories and have fun with a variety of in-game challenges. Complete the given missions and earn yourself guaranteed rewards and potentially some special rewards.

Hidden treasures that take a bit of grinding to find

For those interested, you’ll also find that the vast landscapes of the Wild West are full of unexplored mysteries. There are multiple treasure locations here that are the reasons for the gold rush. But digging and exploring these areas will take a lot of luck and determination, as they are mostly hidden from the surface. And if so, then get ready for your life-changing experiences.

Westland Survival screenshot 4

Compete with your friends and other players

It is also possible for Android players to enjoy exciting survival games with friends and other players to make the game even more interesting. However, you can help your fellow survivors with your skills and abilities or fight against other cowboys to loot their resources. The life of a survivor in the Wild West will not be as peaceful as you think.

free to play

And despite having all these great features, the game is currently free for all Android players to play on their mobile devices. Having said that, it is always possible to download and install the game. Google Play store without having to pay anything.

Make the game less challenging with our mod

For those of you who are interested, it’s also possible that you’ll have fewer challenges during your survival journey. And to do that, you may want to go for the modified version of the game, completely free and unlocked for all players to enjoy. All you have to do is download and install Westland Survival Mod APK on our website. Follow the provided instructions and you’re good to go. Enjoy unlimited coins, fast builds, godlike damage and more.

Visual and sound quality


Players in Westland Survival will definitely find themselves enjoying their amazing in-game experience with powerful and impressive visuals. With astonishing visual effects, immersive environments and in-depth map designs, your journey to the west would be much more fun and interesting. And with games with many great graphics settings, it is always possible to enjoy smooth and satisfying experiences on most Android devices.


Completely immerse yourself in the amazing gameplay of Westland Survival with amazing sound experiences. Powerful and effective sound effects will let you fully engage in your in-game challenges. Discover and experience the Wild West in its most authentic sounds.

Download Westland Survival Mod latest 3.1.0 version as Android APK

While not as wild as Jurassic Survival, this great game from Westland Survival has several interesting features that will surely impress you. Enjoy in-depth gameplay, beautiful landscapes, and great story-driven missions as you progress. And most importantly, have fun with the completely open and free game on our website.

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