Billboards for Travis Scott’s “Utopia” album appear in California

Billboards for Travis Scott’s long-nominated album “Utopia” have appeared in California, apparently targeting audiences for next weekend’s Coachella 2022, which was originally slated to be topped by the multi-platinum rapper.

Variety contacted a representative for Scott who declined to comment about when the album would be dropped, although HipHop24-7 cited an unnamed source who said it wouldn’t be coming until June.

Like everything else on Scott’s schedule, the album’s schedule was pushed back after ten people were killed at the Astroworld Festival in October when audiences surged during his line-up of titles. Scott has stayed relatively out of the limelight in the months since, although sources say his clients fought to keep him on the Coachella bill. Sources said he will appear during Kanye West’s since-cancelled appearance at the festival; Although he was one of the rumored candidates to replace West in the bill following last Monday’s cancellation, the prospect of Scott at the top of North America’s biggest music festival just months after the Astroworld tragedy has always been unlikely.

Scott offered to pay the funeral costs for the victims and spoke emotionally about the tragedy, which led to the cancellation of several high-profile concerts and collaborations with fashion brand Dior. Last month he announced $5 million in community-focused initiatives through his newly launched venture, a long-term series of philanthropic and investment efforts.

Scott’s fourth studio album follows his “Astroworld” album of 2018 and the group “Jackboys” of the following year. He released several songs in that period, including two tracks before the fateful festival, “The Mafia” and “The Escape Plan”.

Scott spoke with Variety early last year, and said the new album “looks like an evolution from Astroworld, you’re starting to shape a new soundscape.” “It’s so much fun – I always look forward to seeing how people take it and push it to another level, just growing where it left off and taking it to an untouchable height.”
When asked if he considers albums to be conceptually important in a music world that seems to be moving away from it, he said, “I’m totally working on an album — I definitely care more about making albums than just dropping songs. I like dropping songs as a [often] Because I want to leave it, but I love albums – I grew up on it. “
As for the artist he would like to work with, he made a characteristically unexpected list.
“I love working with Bjork; I’ve never worked with Beyoncé and would like to see where we can push the sound. Chris Martin is on fire. [British drum n’ bass veteran] Goldie is fire. [oddball British singer-songwriter] King Krule – I’m a huge fan of King Krule and I’m glad he dropped music again.”

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