Lauren Cohan for Maggie Trusting Negan on The Walking Dead (Exclusive)

A miracle happens in “Acts of God”, the Sunday mid-season finale the walking Dead. The first part of Season 11 begins with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) left behind by Maggie (Lauren Cohan) to die in a pedestrianized subway tunnel to spare herself her wrath, but the second part ends with a bomb of biblical proportions: Maggie says she’s starting to trust the man who killed Glenn ( Stephen Yeon). After saving Maggie’s life on their mission to Meridian, Negan risks his life twice to protect Maggie and Glenn Herschel’s son (Ken Michael Spiller): first from the Commonwealth Commandos at Riverbend, and again when Maggie gets in the way of Lance (Josh Hamilton) and Leah (Lynn Collins).

“I saved him at Riverbend. Whatever happened, and whatever else happened, I’ll never forget it,” said Maggie when he entrusted Herschel with the care of Negan and his pregnant wife Annie (Senghor City) in “Works of the Lord.” Character Book He spoke with Cohan about mid-season trauma, and what that confidence means for Negan to move forward in the third and final part of the season finale.

Cohan exclusively said, “In this episode, it’s a big moment when Maggie tells Negan that she trusts him.” Characters book. “I think a big part of that is about the needs in that moment, which keeps Herschel safe so she can go and eliminate these threats that need to be eliminated. It’s kind of a lack of choice. I know that even though she feels about Negan, he enjoys these. reputation for being a patron of youth and trustworthy in that sense.”

Negan is also famous for beating Glenn and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) to death with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire years ago. But Maggie, Cohan says, “knows in her rational mind that he wouldn’t enact things like he did with Glenn and Abraham now.”

“The other thing is that Annie was there, that Annie secured him and his relationship with her, I think helps pave the way for Maggie to accept that he has changed,” Cohan explained, adding that it “doesn’t change what happened.”

In “The Rotten Core,” Annie revealed that she was 12 weeks pregnant with Negan’s baby. When Maggie tells Annie in tears that her new husband “don’t forget” what he did Ha Her husband, Annie assures her, “He didn’t. What matters to me is who he is now. He’s someone who will do everything in his power to protect your son.”

“I think right at the bat, she gets to feel for this woman, and you feel a kinship with her because of the way she leads and because of her sympathy. Which I think is really obvious once you meet a city character,” Cohan said of Annie, leader of the Riverbend Hilltop Condominium group group shelters from the Commonwealth. “She just has that spirit, and I think Maggie realizes that.”

the walking Dead It returns with the final eight episodes later this year on AMC and AMC+. Cohan and Morgan will co-lead the movie Maggie and Negan Isle of the Deadis scheduled to premiere in 2023 on AMC.

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