Tales of the Walking Dead teases the return of alpha

Six different stories, one dead world: Watch the first trailer for Tales of the walking dead. The spin-off anthology series premieres this summer on AMC and AMC+, and tells original stand-alone stories focused on the new and established characters in the Walker apocalypse. The teaser, which aired during Sunday’s mid-season finale the walking Dead On AMC, he reveals his first look at the return of the woman who will become the Alpha of the Whisperers (Samantha Morton) and TWD Universe debut for Terry Crews, Olivia Munn, and more. Watch what’s new TWD Tales Teaser trailer above.

Cast members for the first six-episode season have been announced including Anthony Edwards (ER(Daniela Pineda)Cowboy Bebop), Bobby Liu (Saul’s best on demand), Parker Posey (search party) Gillian Bell (workaholics), Jesse T. Usher (boys), Danny Ramirez (The Hawk and the Winter Soldier), mon (X-Men: Apocalypse) and crew (Brooklyn Nine-Nine).

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TWD Scott Gimple, Chief Content Officer for Universe, developed and executive director of the anthology based on model Channing Powell (the walking DeadFear walking dead). Among the directors is Haifaa Al-Mansour.Good Lord Bird, Motherland: Fort Salem)Deborah Kambayer (Clarisse, FBI: International), Tara Nicole Weir (CleansingAnd Fear of walking dead), and veteran producer and director Michael E. Satrazimis, who directed three episodes.

open talent will further expand walking dead Gimple said in a statement announcing the first season for the cast. Powell added, “We have worked hard to create unique, interesting and unexpected characters for both the old and the new. TWD Fans, I’m glad these are the actors who will bring them back to life. I can’t wait to see the depth, the drama, the horror, and yes, the humor they bring on screen.”

Morton first appeared as Alpha, the leader of the flesh-clad Whisperers, in season 9 of the walking Dead. She will reprise the role in one episode of Talesthe first time she came back to TWD Universe since season 10 episode “Walking With Me”.

Tales of the walking dead Premieres this summer on AMC and AMC+.

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