Who was Dr. Thomas Day Agent of Magic Johnson at the time of the win?

After the final episode of Winning Time airs, we take a look at Magic Johnson’s agent Dr. Thomas Day and what we know about the character.

Winning time: The Lakers dynasty’s rise continued this week with Episode VI, “Momento Mori.” The HBO sports drama chronicles the rise of the Showtime Lakers throughout the 1980s, and depicts many interesting events from that era.

Episode 6 follows Jack McKinney’s serious cycling accident in the previous episode. We also see Magic Johnson rejecting a lucrative shoe deal with Nike, as well as his interaction with Dr. Thomas Day. But who is Dr. Day from winning time?

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Dr. Thomas Day appears in Episode 6 of Win Time

In the second episode of Winning Time, we get to know Cindy Day who is dating Magic and becomes his publicist once he moves to Los Angeles. Cindy’s father on the show is Dr. Thomas Day, who becomes Magic’s manager and takes care of his finances.

Episode 6 is about the Magic shoe deal and its offering from Nike co-founder Phil Knight. Knight offered Johnson $1 per shoe shipped and $100,000 in stock options. Ultimately, Magic chose to sign with Converse for $100,000, which is what happened in real life.

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As Magic’s fame and profile begin to grow, we see how he’s hiring Dr. Thomas Day. However, after it becomes clear that Thomas’ daughter Cindy is only interested in the fame of Magic, the basketball star cools his relationship with her. (In the episode, a business-savvy father abandons his daughter on behalf of Magic.)

However, Magic still consults Dr. Day and ensures their working relationship continues despite ending things with Cindy. Dr. Day even travels to Michigan to hand over a pair of Lakers tickets to Magic’s future wife, Cookie.

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Is Dr. Dai real? Here’s what we know

After watching the final episode of Winning Time, fans wanted to know Dr. Thomas Day and if he was real.

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, it looks pretty much as if Dr. Thomas Day is a fiction rather than a real person.

How do we know this? Well, since Cindy Day isn’t a real person either, it seems like she’s a fusion of several of the women Johnson hooked up with during this time.

Magic dated Melissa Mitchell for a brief period in the early 1980s, and she gave birth to his son, Andre Johnson, in 1981. There is also a woman named Renee Perkins. alleged This magic is the father of her son Chauncey. Looks like these women might be the inspiration for Cindy in Winning Time.

So, if Cindy Day was fictional, it’s almost certain that her father in the series, Dr. Thomas Day, was also made up for show purposes.

There is also no record of Dr. Thomas Day working with Magic Johnson anywhere. His character may have also influenced many people around Magic at the time, but unfortunately we don’t know who.

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