Superman Ta-Nehisi Coates Reboot Scenario Will Transform Soon

If everything goes as planned, Ta-Nehisi Coates should turn back to its beginning Superman Project for the powers that be at Warner Bros. Coming soon. Coates is in the process of writing a movie that is said to feature a new take on The Last Son of Krypton, and insiders are now saying Coates will get the draft soon. The latest reports come from Uncle Jeff Schneider, who broke the news on his Twitter Monday afternoon.

“Speaking of Superman, Unclear heard that Ta-Nehisi Coates will be submitting a draft script…soon,” Schneider tweeted.

Then fellow insider Justin Kroll followed up on Schneider’s tweet, noting that “soon” could be more than months. Soon in the industry translates to 4-16 weeks I heard [sic] February [it] Soon, too, “chirp.” This isn’t meant to be deceptive, it just sounds like something executives tell them is a procrastination tactic if the client is spending their time on the draft. 20 They’re Still Waiting For The Planet Of The Apes I’ve Heard Coming “Soon” To November”.

The Coates movie he played on Superman is said to include a black actor in the lead role, though it’s not clear if the movie will still use Kal-El Superman or a different version like Val-Zod.

Coates previously said, “Being invited into the DC Extended Universe by Warner Bros., DC Films, and Bad Robot is a huge honor.” shade and workwho announced the project. “I look forward to a meaningful addition to the legacy of America’s most famous legendary hero.”

After much speculation about the possibility of Michael Jordan stepping into the role, the actor broke his silence in an interview with MTV News, saying that this movie is a movie he would watch rather than act in.

“He was responsible for rebooting the Black Panther comic books that Ryan (Coogler) has worked so closely to adapt, and he is a fantastic writer,” Jordan said last spring. “Yes, I know him for sure. I’m flattered to be a part of all these conversations and rumours, you know more than anything how many things I play, it’s a lot. But there’s so much time in the day and days of the year. It’s fun that people They still think of me in that kind of way, to be able to play these characters and want me to some extent. I’ll leave it at that.”

The project did not specify a release date.


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