The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan Reveals The Spin-Out Origins Of Maggie And Negan (Exclusive)

Maggie and Negan will be back on their joint show after the walking Dead This year ends, but it wasn’t always the plan to pair up Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In March, AMC announced that it had received the green light Isle of the Dead, kicks off with its six-episode first season, which sees arch-enemies travel together in post-apocalyptic Manhattan. Separate plans for Maggie and Negan have been developed at AMC Networks since at least 2019, including talks for a Negan movie, but it wasn’t until the final season of the walking Dead Maggie and Negan were forced to call for a truce that series writer and producer Elie Gurney pitched what would become Isle of the Dead.

“I know there were always three, maybe four options for how Maggie would end up on a new show,” Cohan said. “For Maggie or Negan, there’s been a bunch of ideas going around.” Character Book In a special anatomy of the walking DeadMid-season finale. “I think that’s the story that Eli Gorn came up with, and that’s what we’re going to shoot for season one Isle of the DeadIt was really powerful and it’s an interesting way for fans to watch these characters continue.”

In the second part of the final season, Maggie said that she began to trust Negan to save her son, Hershel Ray (Ken Michael Spiller), but did not forget what he did to her husband, Glenn (Stephen Yeon). The rivalry between Maggie and Negan will continue when they separate on a secret mission together in Dead Island.

“I mean, Jeff and I are a little over the moon because it serves exactly who they are and where they’re going to end up in at the end of season 11. It’s somehow more dangerous than we’ve been in this season,” Cohan quipped. “It’s good for us because I feel like I had to find things from Maggie that I wanted to explore more, and this background of Island And in a feud with Negan, this is a great opportunity to do so.”

Cohan added about the initial idea for Isle of the Dead. “Anything that looks more tempting and what we think will be more excited for the fans is what won today.”

Gurney is the show director on the executive series produced by Spinoff TWD Scott Gimple, Chief Content Officer at Universe. Filming is expected to begin in July in New York for the 2023 premiere on AMC and AMC+.

As per the description from AMC: “Isle of the Dead Imagine the famous characters Maggie and Negan traveling to post-apocalyptic Manhattan long cut off from the mainland. The crumbling city is filled with dead and denizens who have made New York City their own world full of chaos, danger, beauty and horror.”

The last eight episodes of the walking Dead Air this fall on AMC. Maggie and Negan Spinoff Isle of the Dead For the first time in 2023.

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