James Charles’ stunning look at Coachella 2022 catches the eye

James Charles recently revealed his Coachella 2022 outfit selection on Instagram. Like every other year, the star catches the eye with its looks.

James is a celebrity who usually goes to Coachella. The 22-year-old YouTuber has given fans some of the music festival’s most iconic fashion moments over the years.

The makeup artist isn’t shy about experimenting with his looks, from wearing a black crystal suit to wearing pants that are cut short and show off the greater part of his butt.

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James Charles shines at Coachella 2022 in bespoke format

James wore a stunning two-piece coordinator put on at Coachella this year.

The costume is brown and green in color with orange stripes on the edge, which gives the impression of a flame when you first look at it.

The YouTuber is showing off a lot of skin again this year and is wearing a minimal amount of cloth that only covers his people. However, it highlights the rest of his character.

But what really sews the look together is James’ makeup. The influencer went with less bold makeup this time around. He has bubble-like features drawn around his eyes in brown, green, and orange to match his outfit.

James’ nails also complement his look. The star’s style evolution is very evident from his Coachella look this time around compared to his looks in previous years.

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Fans react to the influencer’s outfit

While some fans thought James looked cool, others didn’t hesitate to make fun of him.

James at Coachella annoys Harry Styles fans

While most netizens are busy talking about James’ outfits, Harry Styles fans aren’t too excited about YouTubers attending the music festival.

Harry is one of the show’s headlines this year alongside Billie Eilish. Fans of the star are happy to see him perform live at the festival.

However, those who were unable to attend the show are upset that James can see I love you The singer performed while they couldn’t.

On the other hand, many fans are joking about how Harry will try to dodge James at Coachella this year.

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