Jordan Peele’s Nope Launches New TV Spot With Steph Curry

Universal Pictures debuts a new TV spot for Jordan Peele’s no Today during the NBA games. At the scene, Golden State Warriors shooting guard Steve Curry appears, entering a barn and shooting a basketball only to be greeted by one of the film’s strange UFOs. There is no actual footage from the movie to appear immediately but according to a press release from Universal, the spot is “inspired by one of the most terrifying moments” in the movie. Based on what we’ve already seen from the movie, it’s clear that the barn, the horse, and the presence of the UFO are being pulled from Nope, which will be making its way to theaters on planet Earth this summer.

Before the movie’s trailer, which premiered during the Super Bowl earlier this year, all we know about the movie was the cast and its mysterious and impressive poster, which only showed ominous images of a cloud with the tail of a kite hanging from it. The official trailer gave us more context, confirming that the movie is all about aliens and aliens. Brief excerpts from aliens are seen in the first stills of the movie, with suspense for their spacecraft. Universal described it as a “reimagining of the summertime movie”, calling the film a “new pop nightmare” and a “large-scale horror epic”.

“The best and scariest monsters in the world are humans and what we can do especially when we’re together,” Bell previously told Business Insider about his original projects. “I’ve been working in these places around these different social demons, these innately human monsters woven into the fabric of the way we think and how we interact, and each of my films is going to be about a different one of these social demons.”

Jordan Peels no Oscar-winning stars Daniel Kaluuya (Come out, Judas and the Black ChristKeke Palmer (crooksAnd AliceOscar nominee Stephen YeonMinaryAnd Okja) as residents of a lone gulch in inner California who bear witness to a supernatural and frightening discovery. Co-starring Michael Wincott (Hitchcock, Westworld), Brandon Perea (The OA, American Rebellion), written and directed by Jordan Peele and produced by Ian Cooper (US, Candyman) and Jordan Peele for Monkeypaw Productions.

no It will be released by Universal Pictures on July 22. Are you looking forward to the next movie from the Academy Award winning writer and director Get out And we? Let us know in the comments below!


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