‘SNL’ Cold Open Skewers Elon Musk, Britney Spears, Donald Trump

“Saturday Night Live” introduced Bowen Yang in an Easter bunny costume at an open event targeting Elon Musk’s Twitter show, news of young Britney Spears, beleaguered Maggiore Taylor Green, and incoherent dispersal of Donald Trump.

The cold opening kicked off with a nod to the Coachella music festival that kicked off this weekend in Indio, California. Yang began the drawing by assuring the audience that they see him dressed in a pink and white rabbit costume—”either that’s or I’m at Coachella and the shrooms kick it.”

SNL star Kate McKinnon has ditched Dr. Anthony Fauci again in reference to the fact that a new type of contagious COVID has begun to drive up infection rates in many states after weeks of declining. Fossey MacKinnon told viewers that “it’s like shine – no matter how hard I try to get rid of me, you’re still in your hair, sometimes on your face.”

The graphic did a quick job of other trending topics from the past week. Mickey Day appeared as investor entrepreneur Musk, who made a surprise takeover bid for Twitter worth $43 billion on April 14. “I’m here to officially buy Easter,” he said, offering “23 billion peeps,” referring to the marshmallows sold during the holiday period.

Cecily Strong appeared as controversial Republican House member Marjorie Taylor Green carrying a life-size robot made of milk chocolate. Strong Green noted the growing number of peg-related anti-LGBT laws traveling through state legislatures in battlefield states. Strong Green said she assured viewers that “there’s nothing like me” on Easter even though it’s about “the cult of a shirtless guy with big abs – that straight stuff.” “Happy Easter. God bless Russia – I mean America.”

Chloe Feynman made a brief appearance as Spears, who announced her pregnancy on April 11 on April 11. Britney Feynman caught the camera and announced that she hoped her baby would be born “happy, healthy and with a power of attorney”.

“SNL” player Chris Reed appeared as New York City Mayor Eric Adams. Kyle Mooney has tied up actor Jared Leto, who has been in PR mode recently for his latest “Moribius” movie.

The sketch ended with James Austin Johnson repeating his portrayal of former President Trump. Trump toured Johnson’s presidency incoherently for a few minutes (“Whites are treated horribly in this country. This is a time for baskets and bunnies and, frankly, hoods”).

Host and musical guest Lizzo vowed to set a record for saying “bitch” on live TV on her “SNL” monologue.

Yang’s Easter Bunny looks at Trump and replies, “What the hell are you talking about?” Trump replied to Johnson, “I see cookies, I eat cookies” and “I’ve known little Cesar for a long time. I told him to say ‘Pizza, pizza’.”

Lizzo is the host and musical guest for the episode. She opened her monologue in a short blue dress and sparkling blazer.

“I’m surprised I also wear a lot of clothes,” she said. She promised that the first time she hosted SNL she would “set a record for saying the word ‘bitch’ on live TV.” She also made a note telling the audience that her presence on SNL’s stage eight is a testament to her hard work and belief in herself.

“I am living proof,” she said. “I used to live in my car. Now here I am hosting Saturday Night Live.”

Lizzo appeared in several sketches before giving her first musical performance. She introduced herself with a sense of humor. “Ladies and gentlemen,” she said, staring at the camera, “me!”

Dressed in an embroidered yellow suit and high-top sneakers, Lizzo introduced a high-energy version of her new “About Damn Time” release.

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In the commercial finale after the clip for “Weekend Update” with Colin Jost and Michael Che, “SNL” paid tribute to comedian star Gilbert Gottfried, who died on April 12 at the age of 67.

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