Nintendo’s Super Mario Anime debuts 4K Remaster

Anime is getting bigger day by day and some unexpected hits from decades ago seem to be popping up again. Sure, classic movies like Akira And Tomb of the fireflies I’ve been making must-watch lists all these years, but you wouldn’t expect every 80s and 90s anime to earn such love. But thanks to some help, old school Nintendo Mario The anime has been awarded 4K remaster.

The project comes courtesy of Femboy Films, an independent group that came together to rework the project Super Mario Bros. – The great mission to save Princess Peach. This anime, which debuted in 1986, is one of the first cartoons to tackle the Nintendo spell for television. As you can imagine, fans are curious how the remake came about.

According to Femboy Films, the reconfiguration is made possible by an “original 16mm reduction print likely to be used for small local shows back in the day.” The group believes it is one of the few, if not the only, surviving version of the first Nintendo anime.

“VHS was originally released with two-channel Dolby Surround, which is preserved in the audio capture here,” Femboy Films continued. “This more accurately reflects what the movie would have looked like in cinemas, as it was released with 4 channels of Dolby Stereo there.”

As you can imagine, this particular anime is a piece of history, so Femboy Films did it all. You can watch 4K transformation On YouTube now. The adventure comedy a must-see for Nintendo historians and Mario Lovers. It follows Princess Peach as she stumbles into the world of Mario and finds herself kidnapped by Bowser, who wishes to return her to the Mushroom Kingdom. In the real world, grocers Mario and Luigi are stacked to save Princess Peach in her video game world, and things get crazy from there.

What do you think of this sudden shift? Do you think Nintendo needs to go back to the animated game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or follow me on Twitter @Megan Peters CB.

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