Battlefield 2042 Update brings a ton of secret changes

This week, DICE and EA released a new mega release battlefield The update along with patch notes revealed and detailed everything the update did on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, or so we thought. It turns out that in addition to adding dangerous flashes to the game, the game has made dozens of secret changes not mentioned in the patch notes. DICE and EA did not mention these changes, but they were collected in one place in one day reddit. And there are a lot of them, and some of them are notable, so it’s not clear why they aren’t in the patch notes.

According to developer verfieid who commented on a Reddit post sharing the changes, some were made a while ago but are only released now, which may explain why they are missing from the patch notes.

“Wonderful listing, also gave me a refresher! Some of this stuff was already fixed some time ago on our side, but it hasn’t hit any patches until today due to various reasons maybe a bit difficult to explain here,” said the developer. “It’s hard to explain why there are changes sometimes we don’t take note of. We are happy to see that the changes are positive.”

Below, you can check out the list of changes for yourself:

  • #1 The Irish OG BF4 head model has been slightly reworked and the beard added.
  • #2 Added light bulb on the tail of little birds (night birds)
  • #3 It seems that the destruction of the walls has improved. Affected by debris + Destruction limits look more realistic (tested on D1 and D2 orbital buildings)
  • #4 zip lines added between ship target points on the clear map
  • #5 In the first loading screen with the exit ship it now appears that far from the ship there is some kind of oil rig and snowy mountains.
  • Number 6 is included in the on/off switch options in all categories.
  • #7 Graphical improvements and smaller stability on both consoles and PC
  • #8 Mouse input is improved
  • #9 The UI for Gear Equip has been changed and improved.
  • #10 Range of OVP Drones Introduced to about 150m by 250m
  • #11 Console input feels so much better
  • #12100 ppm in Conquest and Solo/Co-Op (was 150xp)
  • #13 16 vs 16 Single Conquest / Co-Op (was 32 vs 32)
  • #14 Small Visual Improvements On Hourglass Skyscrapers
  • #15 smoke grenade, aoe smaller.
  • #16 There Have Been Changes To Boris Towers (The Flashing Effect Is Missing) [needs further verification]
  • #17 The bouncer got a new little light bulb.
  • #18 Double Tap Now Makes Left Hand Pointing Movement When ADS Is Not
  • #19 type of modifications to the helicopter crosshairs. (bad effect on cross lines)
  • #20 Lasers and light bulbs are on by default now.
  • #21 McKays’ New Firm Skin Got Masks Much Darker On His Helmet.
  • #22 The shooting mode is now always default and you can see it every time.
  • #23 A New Removal Animation Has Been Added To Portal
  • #24 Changes have been made to the flashlights and vehicle repair
  • #25 Soldier Model Now Holds Parachute Correctly and Hands No Longer Clipping Through Parachute Handles.
  • #26 Pressing the “under-barreled switch button” while using a different weapon no longer switches to the weapon with an attachment below the barrel. You can no longer fire a missile and then immediately switch to your grenade launcher without first selecting the weapon.
  • The 27 crosshairs and miniguns on the nightbird look more refined. (Some users have a crosshair that is intermittent, so it appears almost at the bottom of the screen)
  • #28 You can now finally ping “revive incoming” through walls and roofs.
  • #29 When your shield plate is broken, the screen seems to flash blue.
  • #30 Engineers in the passenger seat of the Condor/Hind can no longer see the vehicle health bar above their personal health bar. The vehicle status bar still appears under the torch when repaired.
  • #31 You can now lower the camera shake down to less than 50 shakes from before.
  • #32 You can now use a controller and USB devices together. I’m using a Razer Tartarus and if it’s plugged in, my console’s input won’t be read.
  • #33 The direction indicators lock is back.
  • #34 Remove some graphic options from the settings menu: Film Grain and Lens Distortion.
  • #35 You and your teammates are now saying on the radio the direction, range, and thing you’re under pressure.
  • #36 You also have 2 different settings for controlling the helicopter and the jet plane.
  • #37 When choosing your weapons or gadgets, you see what your teammates have equipped with the same green dots you see when your teammates test the pickup point connection.
  • #38 The Kobra scene in Portal now actually appears to have the correct 3-line crosshair from BF3 instead of just a red dot.
  • #39 The animations seem quite static, they also added some subtle camera movements when sliding and jumping, and the gun model looks a little lower in the screen.
  • #40 The melee animation is much faster, and seems to be way more reliable and less buggy.
  • #41 As a Dozer, selecting your shield shows a very short “charge” animation on the shield icon to indicate when it was fully deployed. You can also glide with the shield now activated.
  • #42 Enemy bots in single mode will use all vehicles in each slot, even if there is only one vehicle in each slot (if there is only one attack helicopter available, they will use it. If there are two transport slots, they will use both slots). This does not apply to friendly bots.
  • #43 The dying animation is optimized. Soldiers die more naturally. No more death rag dolls everywhere.
  • #44 When you are upgraded/gained to the next level (eg from 43 to 44) you will play the classic BF theme “DunDun DunDunDun” SFX.
  • #45 Hopping on the slide looks like it gives you a little boost
  • #46 The player weight/fall speed appears to be increasing.
  • #47 Several orange LEDs have been added to many air vehicles.
  • #48 Increase reflection from more sources/materials/textures. More reflection from multiple surface sources.
  • #49 Hurricanes seem to have more debris flying inside of them
  • Added 50 new multi tokens for: wildcat, Condor, etc.
  • #51 After a certain number of players join, the “Waiting for players” message will be replaced by a 30-second countdown message.
  • #52 Toggle On/Off To Throw Reverse C5
  • #53 Portal Server Browser has a more organized sorting function.
  • #54 The mini map now shows the direction of the targets when they are in a sector. When you move to a different sector it shows that the targets of the sectors are in the mini map.
  • #55 bolt-action sniper rifles cycle new bullets slower and more realistic, lower rpm for all snipers
  • #56 When you hit the big map, your single icon is briefly marked with a green circle, which makes it much easier to locate you.
  • #57 PS5: HDR disabled with no way to turn it on. [maybe bug]
  • #58 The sensitivity of the soldier’s aim can be adjusted more precisely by 0.1 up to 0.9 (eg 35.1, 35.2, 35.3, etc…).
  • #59 While loading the map, the world map in the upper right corner is more readable (the background color is darker and the arrow pointing to the location is darker and with a black outline
  • #60 new beep when trying to post but with a repost timer
  • #65 Targets spotted by Rao now show the class icon with the tag.
  • #66 TV Missiles have also been added to the BF3 in Portal

This is a straightforward list, so it’s possible by the time you read this, more changes will be discovered. To that end, we will do our best to update the story as soon as this happens.


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