Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Reunite in a movie about Nike and Michael Jordan

Ben Affleck can’t stop being reunited with his famous partners.

The Academy Award winner and co-screenwriter of Good Will Hunting has re-teamed with his Boston best friend Matt Damon on a new feature film from Amazon Studios, Sykdance Sports and Madalay Pictures. It will focus on the sports marketing executive who relentlessly pursued basketball legend Michael Jordan in the mid-1980s. Affleck will direct, star and co-write. Damon will produce, co-write, and star.

The “Argo” director will play co-founder and billionaire Phil Knight. Damon will play Sonny Vaccaro – whose quest for Jordan to partner with the shoe brand seemed impossible at the time, but will become the most important relationship between a sports brand and player in the multibillion-dollar global sneaker industry.

The film will follow Vaccaro’s conquest and introduce the audience to Jordan’s parents, particularly his strong and energetic mother, as well as Jordan’s coaches, advisors, former friends and confidants. This collaboration marks the first time Affleck has led Damon. Both men will pass on Alex Convery’s original script, which appeared on the 2021 blacklist (an annual rating of Hollywood’s best unproduced screenplays).

Both stars will produce for their Pearl Street Films banner. Both are WME signed.

Affleck just appeared in the viral hit “Deepwater” in Hulu, and is said to have appeared in DC Films’ upcoming project “The Flash” as Batman. Damon would next appear as one of several prominent actors in Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” of Universal Pictures. Affleck and Damon are working on the production of the biblical film “The Apostle Paul,” starring Hugh Jackman.


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