The new Wyze locking bolt secures your front door without the fastener

The popular smart home brand, Wyze, has launched its latest product and it is interesting on several fronts. It’s no secret that the company has faced harsh, but well-deserved, criticism lately. After all, not exposing a serious security vulnerability – when your products are deployed in the interest of home security – well that’s not good. But in the case of the Wyze Lock Bolt, there is no cloud connection.

Immediately this will be better with those who are skeptical about connecting their homes to some remote server. The Wyze Lock Bolt abandons this in favor of local Bluetooth-based connectivity. This is enabled in the Wyze app but is not dependent on having a Wi-Fi connection. The app can then be used to interact with key features such as fingerprint registration, door code generation, lock check and log unlock.

Wyze Lock Bolt has the keypad and fingerprint as a mechanism to unlock your door. Wise says the fingerprint sensor will recognize your fingerprint in half a second and open the door within the other half of that second. And since it’s weatherproof, a little moisture isn’t a barrier.

Wise Lock Bolt

Specifically, the Wyze Lock Bolt is IPX5 rated, so even in the rainiest of climates, you should remove it. Since there are no keys on it, it cannot be selected either. A fingerprint is the perfect way to open a door, but the keypad is neat, too. It has a “peep protection”, which allows you to add random numbers on either side of the actual code and it will remain open. Locking is just as easy as a push of a button is all that’s required, but there’s a built-in timer to do it automatically if you forget. Let’s face it, we all did it.

The Wyze Lock Bolt is powered by four AA batteries, but in the unlikely event of a drought, there is a USB-C port on the bottom. This allows you to add fast and instant charging, just enough to open and enter it.

The Wyze Lock Bolt will cost only $70, which is very tempting to get into the world of smart locks. Unfortunately, the show is already sold out, so you have to keep an eye out when more are available.

    Ditching the simple Bluetooth cloud connection, this is one of the most user-friendly and affordable smart locks out there.

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