Marvel BattleWorld by Funko Games: Twilight Review Series 2 of Treachery

Funko’s Marvel Battleworld franchise is back with a host of new characters to collect and new mechanics to explore in Series 2 Treachery At Twilight. Perhaps most impressive is the massive scalability of the game found in Series 2, the new game additions shake things up enough without confusing or pushing things too far in any one direction. Possibility to collect increases with a group of new hero mixes, although some characters reappear, reducing the overall effect of the wave a little. The core gameplay remains unchanged, but it feels more challenging and most importantly more fun with each new element, and it’s hard to describe that as anything but a win across the board.

Those interested in learning how to play the base game can head over to our Series 1 review, the good news is that nothing has changed in this core set of mechanics. However, there is a way to upgrade your basic experience, as Funko has released the Premium Pieces Pack that upgrades cardboard hazard tokens to plastic pieces as well as the old Danger Coin to the Hollow Foil edition. Thanostones even get a plastic upgrade and become reusable, and on top of that, the $8 set comes with my favorite copy of Groot (Spider-Island Groot) in the game so far. This is not required at all, but for someone who plays the game quite a bit, I wouldn’t go back to the cardboard now that I have them, as they give the look of the game on the table a much more interesting touch.

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What to add to the mix is ​​the Talon Fighter, which retails for $15 and comes with a sleek Talon Fighter vehicle (complete with a transparent base) and a 2099 Black Panther figure. They both give your presentation some instant pop, but it’s the mechanism they bring with them that stands out the most. In Series 1, fans could add Thanos’ ship to the game, adding to the challenge and giving the heroes another major obstacle in their path. This car does tip the scales a bit, but retains enough of a random factor to not completely tip the scales.

Talon Fighter allows you to drop your attack by turning and jumping into the car instead, no matter where you are on the board. If you jump you will find two spinning disks containing symbols that correspond to the symbols found in the different battles on the board. Once you spin, you choose one of the battles with a matching icon to move to, and then you release a token from behind that dictates whether or not you get hit. The benefit of this is that you don’t roll a number, so you have a 50% chance of doing damage, which is invaluable on some of the higher Battle numbers. You can inhale and add a counter to the hazard trail, so weigh your options before jumping in. With some of the higher battle numbers in this group, this is an invaluable addition, and provides another piece of strategy to consider the player’s role.

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The same is true of the Jame Tower, which makes an immediate impression with its eye-catching design and impressive mosque at the top. This $15 add-on has you spinning discs and moving platforms as you try to hit a special Twilight Die from the bottom, but the gameplay doesn’t stop if it doesn’t work. Most of the time your death comes out on the side, and you’ll play that attack as normal. If your death comes off the front, it will allow you to command the Twilight Sword Base (which you attach to your character for the rest of the game) and use the Twilight Die, which packs enhanced attacks.

Again, having a dice tower is useful on its own, since you’ll be rolling the dice at every turn most of the time, and Twilight Die offers another welcome power-up to help with some of the more difficult battles. This includes a Twilight Dragon battle that is revealed once a sword is claimed, so you get a little bit of everything when you end up adding this special expansion to the game. It’s not required by any means, but it’s worth looking into if you want to get the most out of the experience.

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This brings us to the new wave of heroes to collect, and while there have been some amazing additions to the lineup, this wave didn’t quite match the high bar of the first wave. You’ll absolutely love the iconic characters like Capwolf, Lady Octopus, Ghost-Spider-Wanda Maximoff, Hulk 2099, Hobgoblin and Ghost Rider 2099, and the Twilight variants look great. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of revamping in this wave, and I mean that not in terms of sculpting reuse, but more in terms of character selection. This wave features several characters from Series 1 including Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Ham, Throg and Groot, four of them are also included in Twilight variants.

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Now, the sculptures are more detailed and feature more cinematic poses this time around, so they’ve been upgraded and improved, but this wave alone actually includes three Groots, and one of them looks fairly close to the last version. Same with Spider-Ham and Spider-Man 2099, which come in two different costume colors but are basically the same look, and frankly you can say that about Agent Venom as well. To give the credit where it is due, the new Throg is better for years, as is the new Captain Marvel, so in these cases I think it was worth it.

Marvel BattleWorld: Series 2 Treachery At Twilight introduces new gameplay additions that undoubtedly make the game better and more exciting, but this is weighed down by a wave of characters that seem boring due to the number of recurring characters and sculptures included. There’s a lot to love here, so if you’ve already invested in the Marvel’s Battleworld franchise, you won’t be disappointed with what Series 2 brings to the experience.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Marvel BattleWorld: Series 2 Treachery At Twilight products are now available in stores.

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