Moelis & Co. Banker Carlos Jimenez on Metaverse deals and content

Investors go all out on the Metaverse.

That’s the prediction of Carlos Jimenez, managing director of Moelis & Co. , who makes his point that the entertainment business is in the midst of a massive transformation into a market in which entertainment, media, games, sports, and other activities merge and often occur. .

Jimenez, the veteran dealmaker, said on the last episode of diverse Podcast “Strictly Business”. “You’re going to have all those Gen Zers, or whatever the next generation name is, playing the E-sports tournament in the metaverse while listening to a concert inside. I think that’s where we’ll end up.”

It may look futuristic, Jimenez said, but the investment dollars are flowing. On the flip side, there is also a growing demand for infrastructure related to entertainment and business support – what he calls “picks and scoops” – from advertising technology to ticketing and billing applications for payroll companies to physical production assets much like studios.

“It’s all driven by the content that thrives on its core, and that’s really what drives it,” he said.

It also focuses on sustaining the current content spending boom. Jimenez sees more opportunities for investors to pool small and medium-sized content development and production assets into a larger organization that can handle some volume. Jimenez is hinting that more projects along the lines of Candle Media, the burgeoning conglomerate of media brands run by former Disney executives Kevin Mayer and Tom Staggs, are in the works.

“There will be two, three or four of these. There will be the newcomers,” he said. “It’s all about the same topic of creating an expanded resource of content for the entire ecosystem.”

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