Best Locations to Watch Lyrid Meteor Showers in 2022 and Prime Time

From Thursday, April 21 to Friday, April 22, skywatchers will be able to view Lyrid meteor showers in the night sky. Here are the best locations and prime times for watching the show tonight.

Meteor showers occur when Earth collides with debris left by comets or rocky asteroids. When these tiny particles enter the atmosphere, they burn up causing traces of light to ignite.

Lyrids are also the first major spring meteor showers.

Photo by Zhang Gang/VCG via Getty Images

Best Spots to Watch Lyrid Meteor Showers in 2022

Lyrid meteors shine near the bright star Vega in Lyra, the constellation Harp.

However, you do not need to locate Vega or the constellation Lyra to find Lyrids.

You just need to know where the radiant altitude is and in 2022, Lyrids can be best seen from the northern hemisphere, along the northeastern sky at mid-northern latitudes.

This includes cities like New York City in America and Madrid in Spain.

NBC Chicago He reveals that Lake Michigan is one of the best places to see pigeons, too. The water body covers the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

to me TimeandDate.comNew York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and other cities in New York are locations in the United States where visibility is good.

Check if showers are visible in your city here.

What time will the meteor shower start tonight?

Late evening on April 21 until late evening on April 22nd would be the best time to see the Lyrid Meteor rain. However, the expect Peak time 4:00 a.m. UTC / 12:00 a.m. (ET) on April 22.

Peak time for Lyrids is tight and although it’s been going on since April 15, visibility peaks in a small time frame, unlike some showers that last for weeks.

The overall vision of the Lyrids It won’t be good in 2022 There is also a bright moon in the sky. If you miss peak hours, you can still watch the heavenly show night after climax Which starts from the late evening of April 22 until the dawn of April 23.

Note also that the point of radiation of the meteor shower is farthest north on the sky’s dome. Thus, very few precipitation will be seen in the Southern Hemisphere.

Best practices for watching meteor showers

The best practice for seeing a meteor shower is to head into the countryside to get as far away from artificial lights as possible.

However, many cities also have astronomical societies Maintain a certain dark area To display stars and other celestial bodies.

Meteor showers can be seen when the sky is at its darkest, after midnight but before sunrise.

It is best to arrive early and wait 30 to 45 minutes in a dark area before starting to shower so that your eyes adjust well to the darkness.

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