The Witcher Creators is already planning a fourth season

While production just started the magician For season three, it appears the writers and producers are already planning for the show’s future. while appearing on Radio BrigadeDirector Steven Surgic has confirmed that season four has already been “set”. Surjik will be directing the first two episodes of season three, but is quick to note that he’s unaware if he’ll be in next season. However, Surjik certainly appears open to a comeback, and it appears from its wording that the team is planning to bring it back for a fourth season.

“The writers and producers marked a fourth season. Oh yeah. I don’t know if I was part of this mapping program, but at least they told me they’re drawing it,” Surjik said.

At the end of the day, it will be up to Netflix to decide whether to play it the magician It will continue beyond the third season. The platform has gained a reputation for canceling beloved shows because it is too expensive to produce. However, Netflix clearly has great confidence in the show, and considers it one of the biggest elements of the platform. At this time, it’s not clear when Season 3 will be released, but it likely won’t arrive until sometime in 2023. Meanwhile, filming is over. The Witcher: The Origin of Blood last year. The prequel series is set to arrive sometime this year, and a teaser for the show was released after the show’s finale ended the magician season 2.

We hope that the writers and producers on the magician They will be able to tell the story they started telling with the show! It’s unclear how many seasons have been consistently planned, but Andrzej Sapkowski’s books have plenty of material to mine, and fans of the brand will undoubtedly love to see the show last as long as possible.

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