Corrupt answer and word of the day for today, Saturday 23rd April

Now is the time to exercise your brain for solving Lewdle’s for Saturday, and if you need help keeping your streak, check out this article with Lewdle’s answer and Word Of The Day for today, Saturday, April 23.

Lewdle is part of the hit Wordle game but with inappropriate words. It is entirely based on Wordle rules where you get six attempts to guess the word. However, Lewdle can be a bit handy as it gives you two modes to start guessing.

The new feature Just The Tip gives you a letter if you’re stuck guessing the word and don’t have many guesses on your hand. In addition, the other two modes already exist and are more knowledgeable and expert at guessing words.

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What is the spoiled answer for today (23 April)

The official answer to the word Lewdle and the word of the day for Saturday, April 23 is ports.

Once you’ve guessed the correct answer, be sure to click the stats button at the top of the screen to check your Lewdness and Stripes score. In addition, you can also look at the meaning of the word by clicking on the same button.

How to play Lewdle

If this is your first time playing a Lewdle, you may need some help in order to get started quickly. Simply follow the steps below to start guessing Lewdle’s answers for the day.

  • Head to the official website of slut
  • Start guessing the words using the keyboard or the one provided on the screen. You can use multiple modes to make guessing faster.
  • Below are the color codes, if the word is in the game dictionary it will show colors including black, green and yellow. Each color indicates:
    • black = wrong message
    • Green = the correct letter in the correct space
    • Yellow = the correct letter in the wrong space

Keep visiting our page for more Lewdle answers. That’s all for the Lewdle Answer and Word of the Day for today, Saturday, April 23rd.

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