NASCAR’s Denny Hamlin apologizes for using the Family Guy clip about Kyle Larson

Denny Hamlin took to Twitter to issue an apology to Kyle Larson after a post from Driver Account #11. Why did Hamlin Larson apologize?

NASCAR Cup races in Talladega usually end in the final cycle with at least one car crashing, hitting while another person heads into victory lane.

The longest track in the Cup is at 2.66 miles, there is never a dull finish as drivers look to break the timing beam first.

On Sunday for the Spring 2022 race, it was no different as Eric Jones in Icon #43 led the field to the final lap.

In the trio of ovals, things started when Kyle Larson veered onto the track to throw a block.

This caused my 23XI Racing to wreck as Ross Chastain came in for his second win of the season at Trackhouse Racing.

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The incident caused Denny Hamlin to tweet a clip from Family Guy criticizing Kyle Larson.

But why is Hamlin now transferred to Larson for using the clip?

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Denny Hamlin Kyle Larson

Hamlin was in the lead in Joe Gibbs’ #11 machine, but fuel pressure issues dropped him out of the fray with just a few laps to go.

The 23XI race cars of Bubba Wallace and Kurt Busch are approaching the checkered flag, and they’ve rolled out.

Larson, center in Hendrik’s #5 machine, then moved right to block – but that ended with both inputs 23XI getting hard bumps into the wall, with Wallace taking a few moments to catch his breath after climbing off of #23.

Hamlin, along with NBA icon Michael Jordan, is co-owner of 23XI Racing.

On Monday, April 25, Hamlin tweeted a clip of ‘A man who loves family life.’

The short clip covered Kyle Larson’s name as an Asian driver cut multiple lanes of traffic, causing various accidents.

Hamlin noted that he found it funny that he now faces a large repair bill for damages to the 23 and 45.

However, the clip is considered offensive and racist towards Asians – with Larson being a Japanese American.

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Hamlin issues an apology

The tweet in question was deleted by Denny Hamlin, who issued an apology to Kyle Larson on Tuesday.

“I removed a post I made earlier today after reading some of the comments,” the Triple-Winning Daytona 500 winner wrote.

“It was a poor choice of memes…and it turned out completely wrong. I apologize.”

While NASCAR itself has yet to comment on the Denny Hamlin/Kyle Larson tweet, Hamlin may be facing sensitivity training.

As part of NASCAR’s push for greater diversity and equality, each driver needs to complete a round of sensitivity training.

In 2021, Hamlin’s Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Kyle Busch was fined and coached after referring to another driver as the correct word after a late encounter in Martinsville in the semi-finals.

Both Denny Hamlin and Kyle Larson are already tied for the 2022 NASCAR Playoffs after their wins at Richmond and Fontana, respectively.

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