Actress Odelia Halevi talks Maroon’s dynamic with price and brings humor to Season 21

Law and order He returned to NBC with a cast of familiar faces like Sam Waterston and Anthony Anderson as well Newcomers like Odelya Halevi and Hugh Dancy. Season 21 was able to pick up the show where it left off after its first ending in 2010 even as it evolved to fit the times in 2022. Part of the reason for the revival’s success is to start an entire NBC run. Law and order Night is ADA’s prosecution team Samantha Maroun of Halevi and ADA Nolan Price Executive Dancy, and the actress spoke with CinemaBlend about what makes this work and how it brings a touch of humor to the show. This can be very dangerous.

Odelya Halevi – Who too I shared it was huge Law and order A fan before landing her turn She plays half of the Maroun/Price dynamic, which can range from simultaneous work together to Price threatening to fire her after she crosses a line in a controversial case. The actress shared how it was when building that dynamic with Hugh Dancy (who previously played a very different character on NBC as Star Hannibal) So far in season 21:

How was it built? I think the writers did a great job building that for us. I mean we get the following scenario once a week, so we don’t really know what lies ahead. And it’s always exciting to see “Oh, you might fire me!” And this episode is great. How are we going to do that? How will we create it? As you know, Marron probably has a lot to say about this episode. You may not be doing her job in this episode. We talk about that, Hugh and I, about creating a relationship between us, even if the lines are all just about information on the case. And it was great. It’s interesting to know each week, what happens next with the two of them.

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