How many episodes are left on This Is Us? Countdown to Season 6 Final

Since debuting on our screens in 2016, NBC’s This Is Us has netted millions each week as it delves into the inner workings of the Pearson family.

After the Covid-affected Season 5, several changes have been made to the current season’s release schedule to give fans as few interruptions as possible.

But how many episodes are left in This Is Us Season 6 and when will the end be due to air?

This is us | Season 6: The Official Final Chapter Trailer | NBC



This is us | Season 6: The Official Final Chapter Trailer | NBC





This Is Us season 6 show and plot summary

Season 6 of This Is Us premiered a little later than usual on January 4, 2022.

After a quick flash forward at the end of Season 5, the ongoing season has been filling fans with how to change the landscape of the Pearson family moving forward.

Notable storylines in Season 6 included the fallout from Kevin’s split from Madison after they called off their marriage on their wedding day. While Madison finds herself a new boyfriend, Kevin is at a romantic crossroads and has many potential love interests to pursue.

Meanwhile, although Randall and Rebecca didn’t always meet face to face, the pair were working to strengthen their bond in Season 6.

Recent episodes have seen a downturn in Kate and Toby’s relationship as Toby’s work commitments take its toll, leading to a divorce between the couple.

However, with Season 5 finale already hinting, Kate finds herself a new romantic partner in co-star Phillip.


How many episodes are left in This Is Us Season 6?

The sixth season of This Is Us will consist of 18 episodes in total, a return to normalcy after the Covid-affected fifth season had just 16 seasons.

After Episode 14 aired on April 26, we found ourselves getting into the final few seasons of Season 6 with only four episodes left.

NBC has announced that the 18th and final episode of Season 6 of This Is US will air on Tuesday, May 24 in the United States.

As a result, there shouldn’t be any more breaks during the remainder of Season 6, as one new episode is scheduled to arrive every week until the end.


Will This Is Us return for season 7?

No, it has been confirmed that Season 6 of This Is Us will be the last chapter of the show and that there will be no Season 7.

to me The Hollywood ReporterThe This Is Us plan always had to expire after six seasons with author Dan Fogelman saying after season three that the show had reached its “middle”.

When This Is Us was renewed for seasons four, five, and six in 2019, creator Dan Fogelman told the publication, “I think we’re almost halfway there where TV series are going.”

NBC has reportedly been hoping its mega ratings will last longer but in May 2021 it was announced that This Is Us would end with season six.

After the announcement, Dan Fogelman went to Twittersaying, “Whoever said first on a show ‘All good things must end’ never had to finish their favorite thing. While it’s sad that there is only one season left, he’s also grateful to NBC for letting us finish the show how and when we were.” We always intend.We will work hard to stick the landing. #this is us


Season 6 of This Is Us airs every Tuesday at 9/8c every day NBC in the US until final broadcast on May 24, 2022.

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