‘Bachelor at Paraside’: Who’s Hosting and Will ‘Bachelor’s Pillow’ Be Back?

After back-to-back programming for the past year, Bachelor Nation is starting to rest a bit, but that doesn’t mean the drama is slowing down.

The next season of the mega franchise will be “The Bachelorette” Season 19, which is currently in production and will premiere on July 11. But in the world of “The Bachelor,” news comes year-round.

as part of diverseA story in this week’s magazine for the annual Reality Impact Report on the 20th anniversary of “The Bachelor,” a top executive of the franchise is sharing exclusive details of what’s currently behind the scenes on dating shows.

‘Bachelor in Heaven’ has been renewed for an eighth season, but who will host? Do incidents about older people who have been bullied for a long time still happen? And is it possible to return the “bachelor’s pillow”?

Here, Walt Disney’s most unscripted CEO, Rob Mills, spills all of that, and more:

Does Seniors Separation Ever Happen?

In 2020, a new sub-series began to appear: a pre-invitation to the series was promoted on air. Basically, the “Bachelor: For Seniors” topic has been derided for years. The pandemic has slowed development, but “single” executives are still interested in the idea.

“The Seniors Show is definitely going to happen at some point,” Mills says now. diverse. “The response to that is pretty massive every time we make a call, so I think it’s definitely coming sooner rather than later.”

Mills continues, “For us, we really feel responsible for finding the right person to be that Bachelor. So, we’re looking. COVID obviously put a big wrinkle in everything, but we’re really looking back seriously.”

Could Gabe’s grandfather be the first bachelor?

So, who could be selected as a Senior Bachelor?

Viewers know that the grandfather of the future “bachelorette” Gabby Wendy became a fan favorite immediately after appearing on camera during his hometown and “After the Final Rose” with his granddaughter. (There are even articles written fight for it to have a bachelor’s degree.)

“I’d be crazy to say we didn’t notice all the affection and attention to my Jedi Gabby, so you never know,” Mills says. “Everyone wants to see him find love. Gabe’s grandfather has already made a thesis of what this show should be, and that is that he has found such great love. – We saw that he still wore the ring, so by the way, he might not be ready for something like that – And then there is a question about having a great love in your life, but can you have another love? This is really interesting and not something we can explore in “The Bachelor”. Or finding someone who has never been in love before. That would be fun too. If we can find the person and the story that allows us to answer that, then we will.”

Are there any other sub-elements in the works?

“The Bachelor” has had many sub-elements over the years, from “Bachelor’s Cushion” to “The Bachelor Winter Games” to the short-lived music competition show, “The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart.” So is there anything else – besides older ones – currently in development?

“Bachelor’s first, we’re obviously really ahead,” Mills says, adding that nothing else is currently on the creative team’s board. He adds, “For us, with sub-elements, it’s always about finding something that can exist on its own, so it doesn’t seem like an exaggeration.”

Could the Bachelor Pillow ever come back?

Don’t hold your breath, but it is possible.

“Bachelor’s Pillow,” which began in 2010, was a sinister summer that ran for three seasons and then, after its cancellation, was indirectly replaced by “Bachelor in Heaven” on the summer schedule. However, even with all the love for “Paradise”, fans still miss the “Bachelor’s Pillow” – and this did not go unnoticed by the executives.

“At least, we have conversations about it when we hear people say how much they miss the Bachelor’s board,” Mills admits. “The question is, can you make a version that feels separate and can live on its own from Bachelor in Heaven?”

Will Jesse Palmer host Season 8 of Bachelor in Heaven, or will celebrity guests return?

“Bachelor in Heaven” has been renewed for an eighth season, but its host has not been announced. Chris Harrison used to host the summer series, but after his widely documented departure in 2021, season seven has hosted a slew of celebrity guests such as Lil Jon, David Spade, and Lance Bass.

But then Jesse Palmer was named the new host of “The Bachelor”, instead of Harrison. Palmer—an ESPN commentator who starred in The Bachelor in 2004—hosted Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor and signed a deal to return for season 19 of “The Bachelorette,” in which she will star as Two Ladies with Windey and Rachel Recchia.

“We’re still in the middle of planning creativity around ‘Bachelor in Heaven,'” Mills says. “But I’d be very surprised if Jesse wasn’t a part of it.”

And what about those idiot celebrities who hosted Mexico?

“We loved the idea of ​​celebs getting involved, especially on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ because it’s a lot more quick and loose,” Mills says. “I think it would be great to have guest stars there, but guest hosts? I don’t think we need him. I think they still could do everything they did and it was so cool, we can still have someone like Jesse in that host role” .

Could Wells Adams become host on Bachelor Nation?

Before Palmer landed the hosting party for “The Bachelor” and replaced Harrison, a lot of The Bachelor Nation members were rooting for fan-favorite alum and Bachelor in Paradise resident bartender Wells Adams. It doesn’t, but “Bachelor” executives love it.

“Never say no,” Mills said when asked if Adams might host “Paradise” or something else in the future. “If we can pinpoint other roles for Wells, sure. Only in terms of the Walt Disney family, he actually is Host a food contest For us at Hulu. We love Wales. So whether it’s on “The Bachelor” or just in the broader ABC family, Disney, Hulu, we’re fans of Wells.”

Mills also throws a shout out to Taisha Adams and Kaitlyn Bristow, the former “The Bachelorette” co-stars who co-hosted two seasons of “The Bachelorette” last year, in Harrison’s absence, before Palmer landed the permanent gig.

“Kaitlyn and Tayshia did an extraordinary job. I can’t say enough about how amazing they are,” says Mills. “I thought they brought her a different style, which is really refreshing and people liked it. Some people are still upset that they didn’t, and I think that is a testament to how great they are.”

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