Home Design Makeover MOD APK 4.3.8g (Unlimited Money) for Android

Find yourself enjoying this simple but highly addictive game Home Design Makeover It also experiences the world of furnishings and decorations. Take advantage of all the items and objects available to help others design their dream homes.

Immerse yourself in exciting match-3 challenges as you unlock new furniture and items for rooms. Express your personality and creativity as you create some of the most amazing rooms with epic designs and decorations. Be a designer who can help your clients and clients achieve their dream rooms.

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In the game, Android players will have the opportunity to work as an interior designer, whose job is to help their clients get the best room decoration from their limited budget. Leverage your creativity to come up with amazing designs without spending a lot of money. In addition, you will also have access to the amazing knowledge of home design, which introduces you to many new things that you may find very interesting to know.

As you dive into the interior design challenges, the game will also have multiple match-3 levels for you to complete. Match cubes of the same color together and collect enough of them to unlock special items and rewards for your characters.

You find yourself doing many fun tasks, from redecorating rooms to remodeling the house. Improve your profiles and get chances to take on more challenging levels in Match 3!

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Here you will find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Explore different remodeling ideas on various styles

For those of you who are interested in home remodeling and interior design work, Home Design Makeover should be your favorite game as it offers a variety of interesting ideas and styles that you can pick up and apply to your latest creations.

Feel free to go farmhouse design or modern home remodel with different styles that you can try. Decide for yourself and come up with the most interesting designs. And most importantly, you will have to satisfy your customers and clients with your designs and creations. So choose them wisely depending on their offered traits.

Different design features on different rooms in your house

In addition, with the Home Design Makeover, you will also have the opportunity to learn multiple design lessons that can be applied to the different rooms within your home. Try to organize and design a family-friendly and inviting living room, a stylish kitchen that welcomes you to your meals, a cozy bedroom in which everyone can sleep comfortably, and a cozy and comfortable bathroom for family members to enjoy. And the list goes on. After that, you can start seeing yourself as a professional home designer.

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Go on your journey and have a great career

players in Home Design Makeover They will find themselves working for a home design company. Begin your journey with interesting and intuitive tasks to help homeowners on a budget enjoy their stay in their own space. And as you advance in the game, you can begin to travel the world, applying your design concepts into beautiful creations. Find yourself a huge fame and start designing for top celebrities. Make a fortune and start your first class lifestyle as a designer.

A variety of different furniture and decorations to take advantage of

And to help you in your design career, the game also features a variety of different furniture and home decorations with multiple themes and settings. Your task will be to select the best pieces of furniture, lighting, flooring and other decorations to effectively remodel your clients’ homes. Depending on their preferences and priorities, you are free to create all kinds of different designs to satisfy them. Take advantage of your huge decor collections to effectively redesign all the different rooms.

Enjoy the game whenever and wherever you want

For those of you who are interested, the game also features exciting offline gameplay. Hence, you are free to enjoy the game whenever and wherever you want. In addition, simple and casual gameplay will allow you to quickly get acquainted with the game. Enjoy your home decor experience offline whenever you have the time.

Screenshot Home Design Makeover 3

Embark on exciting levels of match-3 puzzles

In addition to this, along with the design challenges, the game also introduces Android players to the exciting match-3 levels. Here, you can help your customers earn better pieces of furniture, collect more interesting decorations, etc. Wear new and more beautiful pieces of equipment in their rooms as you complete match-3 challenges. Beat a variety of different levels to reach more than 1,000 different levels.

Enjoy more interesting contents and features with every update

To make the game even more interesting, the creators of Home Design Makeover will also provide many useful and useful designs, decorations, and furniture in their new updates. Hence, you are free to enjoy more interesting content and features the more you update the game. So be sure to keep an eye out for new features.

Free to play

For those who are not yet in the know, the game is currently free for all Android players to enjoy. However, you can easily install it on your mobile devices without having to pay anything. Simply download and install the game from a file Google Play Store Whenever you have time.

Enjoy unlimited diamonds with our mod

However, since it is still a free title, the game does display ads and in-app purchases that you may find annoying. Hence, you may want to take a look at our modified version of the game instead. Using it, you will be able to unlock unlimited diamonds, which will allow you to buy whatever you want. In addition, for annoying ads, they will be completely removed by our modification. Thus, you can enjoy the game to the fullest. All it takes is to download a file Home Design Makeover Mod APK from our site instead.

Picture and sound quality


For those of you who are interested, Home Design features the stunning visual experiences you’ve come to expect. Here, you can easily find yourself immersed in atmospheric environments with stunning visual experiences. Feel free to interact and decorate a variety of realistic furniture on your homes.

Meanwhile, immerse yourself in endless match-3 challenges where you will enjoy beautiful visual effects. Enjoy as you enjoy seeing beautiful gemstones manifested in stunning visuals.

sound / music

On the other hand, the game also features an amazing soundtrack that will keep you hooked with match-3 challenges and decor for hours on end. Plus, the interactive and subtle sound effects will make you feel like you’re really putting your hands to work.

Download Home Design Makeover Mod APK Latest Version 4.3.8g Android

For those who are interested in the gameplay similar to My Café and the like, you will surely enjoy your time with Home Design Makeover. Not to mention you’ll also have access to our amazing mods, which are pretty cool.

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