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If you need a super fun endless runner game, then”Slash & Girl – Endless RunGreat choice. The game has interesting gameplay and great 3D graphics. In addition to the attractive features in the single player mode, you can also compete with other players on the online leaderboard.

Slash & Girl is a great game from RedFish Games. The game offers endless running experience like Temple Run or Subway Surfer. However, the game has interesting elements, and helps to bring a new experience. The game presents a modern world, which has been invaded and controlled by Jokers. A girl named Doris will accompany you, and join the fight alone with the Jokers. Doris is not a lifesaver, because Doris loves to run and fight. Doris will run and destroy new jokers for happiness and joy.

Explore the modern and crazy world

Slash & Girl offers an exciting experience in the modern world. You will run with the “crazy” girl Doris – the only warrior in a world that the Joker has conquered and taken over. Doris does not care about the safety of humanity, Doris just loves to run and fight. Doris’ joy comes from sprints and fierce battles. Doris once said that killing the Jokers is never enough.

Players become an adventurer, defeating the Joker in fierce combat. The game not only offers a parkour experience, but also features great action moments. You have to defeat all the Jokers, and nothing can stop you from reaching the finish line. The game allows you to immerse yourself in hours of exciting action and intense excitement.

Slash & Girl turns every touch into art. However, the game emphasizes the entertainment of endless running mission and thus the game does not have a deep storyline. You just need to understand the fierce, killer and good-looking Doris girl.

Endless running in fun

Slash & Girl not only allows the player to run endlessly on the ground but also allows the shape of running in the air. You can run along the walls, defeat the Jokers in mid-air, and land with a massive attack on many opponents on the ground.

Also, the game difficulty will increase as you pass more levels. Of course, Joker’s health bar keeps increasing with each level, and you need powerful weapons, otherwise you need to hit twice to eliminate Joker. You also have a health bar that keeps you going, and the game ends early if you lose three lives.

Slash & Girl also has an interesting mini-game. The game also has an alternate world, called Fever. The world of fever will appear when you reach a certain level of stats, and you will have a great battle in classical music. If the player can clear the path, you can come back with a nice reward. Other than the usual battle, Fever will have a teddy bear at each checkpoint.

Easy to play and easy to have fun

Slash & Girl offers amazing experiences of speed and excitement. The game is a perfect combination of parkour, action and infinite acceleration. In particular, players can choose the running speed of Doris according to their desires. In addition, the game has the same action as the game Blades of Brim. However, you just need to slide your finger across the screen to move the heroine to your liking, and Doris automatically destroys the enemies in front of her.

Slash & Girl has the same controls as any other Endless Run game. Of course, the highlight of the game is the beautiful action scene. If you swipe left and right on the mobile screen, Doris will move in the desired direction. If you swipe up fast, Doris will jump into the air. If you scroll down, Doris performs a rolling attack.

The controls are easy to get used to. But you need to seamlessly combine everything between motion command, speed ratio, and obstacle. All this will turn a simple game into a test of skill. You need great hand-eye coordination to handle tough challenges.

Discover tons of unique outfits and weapons

Slash & Girl allows players to design a variety of clothes and weapons. Think about how to combine to create the look of your character. Also, you share the character via social media.

The game offers an endless arsenal of weapons. You are armed with a machete or any weapon of your choice. You can earn coins through challenges, and use the coins to unlock over 50 different weapons, including traffic lights, flashlights, track saws, and more. Each element brings fun. Different taste, different working sensations.

You try to complete various events to earn new weapons and new outfits. You create a distinct Doris look. You can even change Doris’s complexion and hairstyle. The design of some weapons is cool, and you will enjoy using your favorite weapon. You change Doris’ look with pants, hats, hats, shirts, shoes, and gloves.

High quality 3D graphics and exciting sounds

Slash & Girl introduces Doris’ soft action. The graphics are designed in 3D, and in a modern style. The color scheme is vibrant and makes a strong impression. The music is catchy music at a fast pace. Real 3D graphics make the gameplay fresh and attractive.

You can download “Soul Knight” to discover a great adventure game with 2D graphics. You can control the cute characters on the journey to explore the dungeon. You can collect cool weapons like lightsaber, and destroy alien enemies. The game has very easy controls and fun gameplay.

Join Doris in a crazy endless race

Slash & Girl is a great action game, offering an exciting experience. You can destroy the Joker as Doris, or try to compete with the global score. The game brings a breath of fresh air to the endless running genre with its gripping action moments.

Get ready for an exciting battle between Doris and the Jokers by downloading “Slash & Girl – Endless Run” now!

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