Total Launcher MOD APK 2.9.4 (Pro Unlocked) for Android

Total Sticker Launcher

For those of you who are interested in switching out the stock launcher on your mobile device with something more dynamic and customizable, Total Launcher is definitely a great app for that functionality. Here, you get a fully functional app, which is able to change the user interface and layouts of your devices as you like.

Feel free to work on the available theme settings if you want something fast and beautiful at the same time. Or choose to work with the customizable options in the app, which will allow you to freely change the user interface of the device using your personal preferences. Enjoy working with the settings available in the application and make the most of them to enjoy great images on your player.

Learn more about this interesting app from ChYK the dev with our in-depth reviews.

What do you do, or what do you do?

With Total Launcher, Android users will have a fully functional launcher app, which is able to customize the themes and layouts of their devices with not just one style but multiple styles and unique elements of customization. Feel free to work on the app and its features to easily achieve great launcher layouts.

Meanwhile, to make sure that you can enjoy the awesome Total Launcher mobile app to the fullest, ChYK the dev also features the endless element of customization in their creative work. As a result, you can not only browse the theme library freely with unique visuals, but you can also try to work on creating and editing your own themes using the features provided in the app.

Here, all you need is imagination in order to enjoy the wonderful application of Total Launcher. Enjoy working on its features to freely customize your launcher settings and play with your own unique ideas for customizations. Feel free to express your creativity and come up with all kinds of ideas for your own custom launcher settings.


For those of you who are interested in the awesome Total Launcher mobile app, you can now enjoy the free version of the app at Google Play Store, which is free to download for all Android users without having to pay anything. But if you want to enjoy the full app, there will be certain in-app purchases that you need to unlock with real money.

Also, make sure you always provide the app with all required access permissions needed to enable certain features in the app. So do not forget to accept his requests when entering the application for the first time.

To improve app stability and compatibility with your system, Android users will need to update their Android devices to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 5.0 and above.

Cool Features

Here are all the exciting features that the app offers:

Simple and accessible application for all users

To get started, Android users of Total Launcher can quickly engage with this simple and accessible app, thanks to the app’s intuitive user interface and features. Here, you can make changes to the layouts as soon as you enter the app by choosing your favorite themes. Or you can define your own customization for the app using the interactive gestures for layout customizations.

Enjoy endless customizations on your launcher

Unlike Zedge Premium and other popular launcher apps, Total Launcher doesn’t feature complex and detailed layouts for you to work on freely. Instead, the app offers endless customization items, which are available through the various features in the app. This should allow you to come up with all kinds of unique ideas and customize items on your mobile devices, rather than going for a pre-built design.

Thanks to the endless customizations in Total Launcher, Android users of Total Launcher will now have the opportunity to enjoy fully customizable layouts on their mobile devices. Get started with customizable text with adjustable fonts, text styles, spacing, and more, allowing you to freely customize text layouts in your menus and apps.

Take advantage of the different image options to add a wallpaper to the launcher itself. Enable unique app icons using the provided images. Have fun playing with unique image customizations to make your icons and wallpapers more interesting. And feel free to explore the cool 3D effects, which will let you enjoy the cool layouts in Total Launcher.

Also enable widget settings to customize freely available widgets from different apps on your devices. From charging sizes to exploring different layout customizations, Total Launcher will make sure that you can easily work on editing its UI elements. With no limitation in layouts, you can freely customize themes and launcher settings in the app as you like.

Enable different designs in different directions

All available layouts and layout modifications in Total Launcher will be available in both portrait and landscape modes, allowing Android users to freely come up with their various settings for the mobile app. Feel free to enable your own cool designs that can easily change their dynamics and layouts just by flipping the screen horizontally or vertically. Enjoy their unique interactions that will make your screen experience more fun and exciting.

Explore the dynamic user interface

With Total Launcher’s dynamic user interface, Android users will have the option to freely enjoy their experiences on the screen. Here, you can easily work with the vertically scrollable pages in the application, which will allow you to easily navigate the application. Also, take advantage of the pin option to perfectly pin app icons and other objects to specific pages on your home screen.

You can access the popup in Total Launcher, which will allow you to freely explore the settings available in the app. Here, the powerful gesture support makes it easy for you to work on the launcher and its custom layouts. Feel free to assign different gesture controls to your specific layouts to make the device more convenient.

With popups available, Total Launcher allows its users to open apps using popups on the home screen, which will make them more interactive and fun to work with. And you also get support for the Tasker plug-in provided in the app, which will allow you to access and make changes to your favorite apps and recent apps quite easily.

Enable the useful app drawer widget

Speaking of which, Android users can now enjoy working with the handy app drawer widget which can be accessed on the home screen. Here, you care for free to access all the applications available on your system. Feel free to customize the display commands for your apps or let the tool automatically sort apps based on your usage patterns. Enable quick access to the app using folders, tags, or quick search option. Feel free to put popular apps in folders, and add or remove specific tags on them so you can easily search for your apps using sorting options and filters.

An interesting and useful communication tool

Here in Total Launcher, Android users will have a useful and interesting contacts tool, which allows them to access all the contacts available directly on the home screen. Feel free to perform quick searches of all contacts using the search box and sorting options. Enable quick messages or call specific contacts without having to access the main app. And make your favorite lists always available for quick access.

Enjoy working with the many features available in the app

For those of you who are interested, you can work freely with the many themes and layouts available in Total Launcher, thanks to the available templates. Start by checking out the built-in library which has many pre-installed templates that you can use right away. Or you can explore the different themes and layouts created by the community with cool settings. Most importantly, the app allows you to work freely with your endless creativity to come up with different ideas for your own layouts. Feel free to save and apply these changes to your launcher. And don’t forget to share your awesome creations with others in the online community.

Work with many different language options

For easier access to the app, ChYK dev also makes the awesome Total Launcher app available, which is available in multiple languages. As a result, besides the default English language, you can easily run the app in other languages ​​with full support for in-app features and text settings available.

Enjoy the free and unlocked version of the app on our website

With the free and unlocked version of Total Launcher now available on our website, Android users will have the option to work with the full-featured app without having to pay its premium prices. Here, we provide the modded app with disabled ads and in-app purchases so that you can make the most of its features freely without any issues. All you need is to download a file Total Launcher MOD APKand follow the instructions provided, and start enjoying the app and its features.

Final judgments

With simple accessible features, along with endless elements of customizations, Total Launcher allows Android users to work freely on their device launcher settings and enable many cool layouts for the mobile app. Feel free to explore the app and its great features so you can always enjoy the cool customization items in Total Launcher


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